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RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-21-2021

Good Morning! Coffee

Lots of leaks last night. My headgear is due for replacement. I wanted to get one more night out of it and I wish I would have just fitted the new gear before bed but I was tired. I've gradually been seeing more and more leaks the last several days and I knew it was coming. The velcro has lost its firm hold on the felt from continuous use over the last 5-6 months. All my leaks were coinciding with clustered apneas so its time. 

Good news is I got in all my PT for my shoulder this morning, ran a mile and lifted weights. Yesterday my therapist said I had legs of a 25 year old during therapy. I'm 55 so I think that was a compliment...or was he just being nice to an old man. Eat-popcorn

Blessings everyone and see you all tomorrow morning!  Coffee

RE: Rice95 Therapy - DaveL - 07-21-2021

You ain't old!
Dave (74)

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-21-2021

Coffee I think they are just numbers DaveL

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Crimson Nape - 07-21-2021

This whole time I thought it was a pain index.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-21-2021

Crimson Nape

Pain index ! Yes that’s applicable

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-21-2021

In my case, there’s a 55 percent chance of rain today …it may rain and it may not. I could make millions as a weather man huh?

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-21-2021

75% chance of scattered sunlight today
99% chance of darkness later tonight

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-21-2021

Nice one!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-22-2021

Good Morning!! Coffee

I formerly had towels under my headboard to raise the bed and over time they have not offered much of a boost for an incline, so yesterday I placed a brick underneath each leg. I felt huge relief in my gut last night, and never noticed how much the bed had sunk under the towels. 

My numbers were great today.  I'm not sure if I can attribute that to the bed incline? Does that actually help your AHI? 

Collar working great. It's called a Corflex Ultra Cervical Collar. It is a little rigid but it seems to be far superior to the one I used to wear which did not work at all.(Fortuna Collar)

I suspected my numbers were going to be good this morning because I feel so rested, and I barely made 7 hours of sleep. That proves how much apnea causes you to feel tired and worn out.

Have a great Thursday everyone! lots-o-coffee

Chart attached

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 07-22-2021

Great looking chart!

I thought I remembered you saying that you would be replacing your bed/mattress...can't remember exactly, but if and when you do, consider a adjustable bed/mattress.

It will cost more than a non-adjustable bed, but it does make a difference and well worth it.