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RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-01-2021

2nd Reply to OpalRose Addendum to my first reply 

Maybe I should try sleeping with a small flat throw pillow ?

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 05-01-2021

I don't think it should rotate around the neck. But you should be able to slip a couple fingers under it.
Some of the collars dip down in the front and some are higher on the sides.
If the collar were able to rotate around your neck when sleeping, that might be the problem.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-01-2021


I just put it on and made it tighter and I was still able to get 2 fingers in there ..it feels tighter than last night. Let’s give it a whirl

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-02-2021

Good morning Coffee

I slept with the collar much more snug but not too tight. I could hardly rotate it around my neck at all so I think this was the correct way. 

I think I have figured out why I still have clusters. My white noise machine lost blue tooth and I woke me up......on my back. 

I am not a back sleeper (and I discipline myself not to be)but I think I know why I did. My left shoulder has been aching from sleeping on my side so I tend to favor my right side heavily. I know my left side is weaker because I'm right handed, and I haven't been able to relieve my right shoulder very much so I'm wanting relief so I am unconsciously  rolling  onto my back. 

This is my theory, but I have had days where my numbers have been very good as you know.  Oh-jeez

What is your take?

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 05-02-2021

It's a good theory... Smile I have a similar issue, but not the shoulder, and sometimes end up on my back.

We just have to keep trying.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-03-2021

Coffee Good news!  I got the AHI down. OA's improved.

Last night I had a pillow behind my back so I didn't turn over and I think it worked!

Collar on

Flat pillow

RERAS up a little? Is that significant?

Have a blessed day!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 05-03-2021

Yes, RERAS can be disruptive to sleep, but the only thing to do is raise your minimum pressure.  

So as stated before, there will have to be a  trade off between using a lower pressure you are comfortable with due to Aerophagia or raising pressure to tackle everything else.  

Glad you found a way to stay off your back. Good job!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Sleeprider - 05-03-2021

I think give your pressure a nudge to 11.0 and see if that helps. Now that positional issues are mostly resolved, we can see what remains. This is also where we start to see the benefits of the Resmed EPR vs Respironics Flex.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-03-2021

Opal Rose 

Thank you so much ! 

I’m at 10.5 and I was really feeling it this morning. I’ll wait until I am handling it better , hopefully within the next few days. Just moving it from 10 to 10.5 was a marked difference in toleration. I’ll bump to 11 soon I hope.

I’ll keep posting my progress (or lack of God forbid)

Have a blessed day

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 05-03-2021


Yes! I’ll give it a whirl soon. 

Yes the Res Med I envy. I wish I had one but I’m stuck paying for the Philips and I won’t get my money out of it unless I pound it. 

5 years of this :-(