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aerophagia - dehansenching - 07-02-2021

I believe my nausea/bloating is being caused by aerophagia.  Are there any individual statistics on OSCAR that would indicate that aerophagia is taking place?  I have tried the somnifix in the past, not my favorite, but if mouth breathing is the cause, I will try it again.  I use the Airfit N20 mask now.

Thanks much for any input.

RE: aerophagia - Hydrangea - 07-03-2021

I'm not aware of anything showing up on OSCAR, with regard to aerophagia.

Have you searched this forum for helpful ideas on eliminating aerophagia? I have experimented with some of the ideas, and it has really helped my decrease my aerophagia symptoms. Specifically, keeping my upper back, neck, & head higher than my lungs has helped a lot.

RE: aerophagia - Rice95 - 07-03-2021

Good Morning  Coffee

I am by no means an expert, but I had it really bad. Here are some things that may help that have helped me, certainly with the great advice on this forum:

-I raised the front of my bed by 1-2 inches

-Keep cpap pressure effective but comfortable including EPR. 

-Don't eat before bed. 

-Watch out for gassy foods during the day too and don't indulge too much on those :-) 

Right now I am starting at 9 with no ramp and highest is 12 with EPR at 3. I am sure things will adjust and change over time depending on my results but I almost have no aerophagia and these things have really helped me!

RE: aerophagia - Gideon - 07-03-2021

Please post your screenshot. We need to see your settings and how you are doing thru the night.

The goal is to reduce your average pressure to below where your Aerophagia occurs. Even if it's below your optimism therapeutic settings

Work back up after a while

RE: aerophagia - dehansenching - 07-03-2021

Thanks for your reply!  I put a foam wedge on the bed last night while wearing the somnifix on my mouth, seemed to help.  I will search further!

Thanks so much for your reply!  I will try these!

RE: aerophagia - dehansenching - 07-03-2021


Thanks for your reply; have attached screenshots.  Hope I captured enough info.

RE: aerophagia - Geer1 - 07-03-2021

Aerophagia is often caused by high pressure but your pressures are pretty much as low as they can go.

You could try increasing pressure minorly (min pressure to 6 cm). This will increase your effective EPR which may make exhalation more efficient and reduce aerophagia. Worth a try, if it makes things worse then can always switch back.

RE: aerophagia - dehansenching - 07-03-2021

Thanks for your reply! Will try it.

RE: aerophagia - SarcasticDave94 - 07-03-2021

I think it was mentioned, but a slight head of the bed incline can help. It did for me when first starting on PAP. I've also done some left side sleeping to combat the aerophagia.

RE: aerophagia - dehansenching - 07-06-2021

Thanks for your reply!  The wedge does seem to help as well as the somnifix mouth strips.