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AHI Good But Still Snoring - davidb01 - 09-14-2021

Hi All,

Been on CPAP for about 5 years now. My Apnea is under control (AHI is consistently around 1) so that side of it is all good. However OSCAR (and my wife!) says I'm still snoring quite a bit. (see OSCAR data below). My pressure is currently set to 11. Would bumping up my pressure a bit help with the snoring? Thanks!


RE: AHI Good But Still Snoring - OpalRose - 09-14-2021

Yes, I would raise the pressure, not only for the snoring but to tackle the Obstructives.

Try inching it up by .5 at a time and observe a day or two. Keep raising it until  you see improvement or your wife stops complaining.  Smile

Things to try:
You might want to make note if you are sleeping on your back or tucking your chin.  Also too thick of a bed pillow may contribute to snoring.  
Try sleeping on a thinner pillow and stay on your side if possible.

RE: AHI Good But Still Snoring - Sleeprider - 09-14-2021

I agree with Rose that your results indicate a need for higher pressure. Remember in bilevel terms, it is EPAP that controls OA and the pressure support (IPAP) that can help with flow limits, snoring and hypopnea. With a pressure of 11.0/8.0 (IPAP/EPAP), your pressure is still too low to fully treat your obstructive apnea, and it is going to need to be higher as tolerated. You appear to be someone that would really benefit from more bilevel pressure support which the Airsense 10 CPAP cannot provide. Lets see where the higher pressure takes you. Be sure to maintain EPR 3.

RE: AHI Good But Still Snoring - staceyburke - 09-14-2021

I agree to raise the min but also turn on the 
EPR to 3 to help wit the flow limits (unless you are on straight Cpap to eliminate centrals).