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Power Supply DS2, DS1 - MikeE3 - 09-14-2021

Hmmm? I received a replacement DS2 for my DS1 a few days ago. Instructions say to return the DS1. I'm considering not sending back the power supply of my DS1 because I think it could be a backup if the DS2's power supply ever failed. 

The DS1's is bigger and marked 80W on the top and on the bottom. The ratings show:

Input: 100-240V ~50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0A
Output 12V 6.67A

The DS2's power supply has the same ratings and the same connector to the unit. 

The DS1's is made in Germany, the DS2's in China.

Question: Do you think the DS1's power supply is OK to use with the DS2? I'm just a bit concerned about the DS2's power supply not having 80W on it anywhere. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

RE: Power Supply DS2, DS1 - MikeE3 - 09-14-2021

Sorry folks, I was lazy. Google is your friend. Volts multiplied by Amps = Watts. So both units are 80 watts. (6.67amps X 12 volts = 80.04 watts)

Well, maybe my post will help someone else. I'm keeping the DS1 power supply as a backup.

RE: Power Supply DS2, DS1 - LindanHotAir - 09-14-2021

Check to see if your DS2 turns on with the DS1 power supply. They have an identification resistor in the power cable to prevent use of the wrong power supply. Let us know if it works or if they did something stupid and changed the value.  I don’t know of any good reason they would change it.

RE: Power Supply DS2, DS1 - timpani - 09-14-2021

Volts needs to match, although many times close-enough works, but I wouldn't mess with that. As for amps, as long as the power supply is >= the amps required (should be somewhere on the machine itself) it should be good to go.