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ResScan Version 6.1 - plongobardi1 - 09-26-2021

I'm currently using ResScan V6.1 and would like to know how I can download and send the detailed graphs for any given day. So far I can only send a summary report, but my doctor has requested the detailed graphs. In the past I would take in my SD card and they would look over it at the time of my appointment, but as I don't see my doctor as often he has asked me to send them.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

RE: ResScan Version 6.1 - SevereApnea - 09-27-2021

Hi there.

don't know your setup or where you got your machine from...

assuming you can't get to your doc at the moment lock down or whatever reason:

if your Autoset is from an accredited provider in oz it should have a modem, they generally pay a monthly fee to be able access your machine data.

the sleep tech/lab can access the data if they have the Serial number and device number (on the back of the machine) you could call them with that information and see if they can import that into their own software (ResScan or other) via the modem.

or make a copy of the SD and physically mail it to them...

or copy the data on the SD card and email it to them...

or upload the data from the SD to the Cloud and give them the link...

or you could it the hard way in ResScan. it gives you the option to select various data export options. First ask your doc how many days data he wants, and exactly which data he needs.

In ResScan go to your profile, top right select Report, then on the left in the section called Browser select and drag the days you want to highlight them, then under the Select Report options choose the one he wants from the drop down menu: 30 day compliance, all available data, detailed data, device log, statistical data and so on. Then a Select data box pops up and you click OK and you will see it "creating report"....be patient ......go make some coffee...

when done, select Save As, name it lets say MyData.pdf and then find it in the ResScan3 patient profile directory. Be careful, depending in what you selected it could be a large file.

Good luck! hope this helps somewhat.