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RE: Next step? - permabear - 10-16-2021

Is my brainfog and light headedness a sign that therapy is not yet where it should be? Or should I be patient and wait for a couple more weeks. I'm on my way for 3 weeks now and apart from the firstĀ  3-4 days I don't feel any progress.

I added two 3-min shots of my wave form. Is this how it's supposed to be or does it need some adjustment? It's like this most of the night.

RE: Next step? - Gideon - 10-16-2021

Try min pressure 8, max. 10 or higher. Try 15+, your pressure is not running tomax now.

That may help with the fogginess etc.
You may need to go higher.
This is tuning for comfort, not numbers.