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SPO2 levels - cberistain - 11-24-2021

I asked about this some weeks ago, but would like a clarification,..

my dissolved O2 level drops once or twice per night to 88% .. lasts only a very short time.  some times it occurs near an event.. some times not ... is this something to worry about??

RE: SPO2 levels - greatunclebill - 11-24-2021

no worry. you need to be at or below 88 or 89 for 5or 6 minutes total over the whole night to think about adding o2. not sure of the exact numbers.

RE: SPO2 levels - Gideon - 11-25-2021

Spikes are meaningless except to say look closer. It is time, duration at or below a percentage that is significant.

Doctors will claim that you equipment is not accurate, that's ok as it's purpose is to alert to a problem that would otherwise go unnoticed. Just ask for an overnight spo2 test to see what is going on.