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Replacing PR system one apap 560p - Apnea_GM - 01-05-2022

I have had the PR System One APAP 560P for a long time and want it replaced with one of like features. 

1. In a new prescription what do I need to make sure is included to get an APAP
2. Is my current machine only an APAP or also bi-bap because I know the exhalation seems easier (maybe some settings I have set?) 

Suggestions on full data model replacement?

Yes I know about the recall it is what has prompted me to replace the PR APAP. 

Thank you for any information and assistance, it’s been a long time since I was on the apnea board but when I was originally diagnosed this site was invaluable!

RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - SarcasticDave94 - 01-05-2022

It appears with the info you've given in your old machine, this is probably a CPAP Auto type machine.

I will suggest 3 good replacements, depending on if you're going via insurance. I personally wouldn't be interested in Philips due to foamgate. I would look up ResMed instead, most get better and more comfortable therapy compared to similar Philips Respironics units.

Newest is a ResMed AirSense 11, an AutoSet with for her mode included. The ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet or AutoSet For Her are still good. Both these have an integrated humidifier making the form factor more compact than your 560. Older ResMed AirSense 9 AutoSet will be fine if you're needing less expensive like if you're paying cash. These have an accessory humidifier I believe. All 3 ResMed's can upload data to a free report tool OSCAR so you can see very detailed therapy reports.

PS OSCAR is a continuation of the sleepyhead project. OSCAR is similar but had been updated frequently to remove report bugs. Sleepyhead has not been updated for several years, as best as I'm aware.

RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - OpalRose - 01-05-2022

Welcome "back" to Apnea Board!

I used to use the same Apap, (PR 560 Auto).  This is not a BiPap.

Unfortunately, most of Phillips machines have been recalled.  There is no PR Auto machine to recommend due to the DreamStation1 recall.  The DreamStation 2 is not currently supported by OSCAR software.

The machine I recommend for you to get is the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet or the newest AirSense 11 AutoSet.   If you are able to get a BiLevel, ask for the ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto.  

The ResMed Cpaps have a feature called EPR (Exhale Pressure Relief) which is much better than the AFlex setting you used on the PR machine.  You can receive up to 3cm drop in pressure when exhaling.  EPR is not just a comfort feature, as it also helps with Flow Limitations and Hypopneas.

Your prescription should state the exact Model name and preferably with a pressure range written on the script.  This way, the DME can't substitute another brand.  It's really up to you to push this with your Doctor and DME.  Be a squeaky wheel and don't accept anything less.


RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - SarcasticDave94 - 01-05-2022

Ah yes, the no substitute clause...DAW Dispense As Written.

RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - Apnea_GM - 01-05-2022

Thank you both so much for the information. 

One additional question. 

Suggested best home sleep test. Need the rd for replacement machine. Do you know of one you would trust or people have had good luck with?

Thanks, once again 8 years later this board helps out! Thanks

RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - OpalRose - 01-05-2022

I've never used a home sleep test, but here is a list of online providers.  Maybe check them out and compare.


RE: Replacing PR system one apap 560p - SideSleeper - 01-06-2022

I second OpalRose's statement on the PR560 vs. the ResMed machines. I had just switched to ResMed shortly before the recall and I'm so glad I did. I like the ResMed and it's features SO much better than the 5 year old PR and am doing much better on it.