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Central Apneas - alva360 - 01-13-2022


It's been a few months since my last post. I've managed to resolve some of the issues related to mask and positional apneas. What drives my AHI up are now CAs. I am currently on Pressure of 10 (gives me lots of air in my stomach), and tried EPR of 1. Here's my last night's report:

I guess the only option I would have is to get an ASV machine?

I tried lowering pressure to 9, turning off EPR and couldn't manage to use the cpap that night and lots of OAs

RE: Central Apneas - Gideon - 01-13-2022

Let's see what is going on.
Click on the triangle "V" between the Month and year to minimize the calendar.
Post a couple of 10 minute views of your centrals.

RE: Central Apneas - alva360 - 01-13-2022

(01-13-2022, 02:13 PM)Gideon Wrote: Let's see what is going on.
Click on the triangle "V" between the Month and year to minimize the calendar.
Post a couple of 10 minute views of your centrals.

Here are some screenshots:


RE: Central Apneas - Sleeprider - 01-13-2022

We have seen many members with similar events to yours, benefit from ASV. It is a very difficult matter to get one dispensed through your doctor and insurance. The question is, are you willing to spend $500 to $1200 for a used ASV to find out, or would you rather run the gauntlet of doctors and insurance?

RE: Central Apneas - Gideon - 01-13-2022

While I don't disagree with SleepRider, and an ASV may very well be in your future, let's try reducing EPR first.
Set EPR = 1, no other changes, and then review. Possibly turn EPR off next then review.
Lowering EPR will tend to increase Obstructive events including your flow limits, and reduce Central events, thus taking it slow.

RE: Central Apneas - SarcasticDave94 - 01-13-2022

Welcome to the Central versus Obstructive teeter-totter dilemma.

RE: Central Apneas - Ratchick - 01-16-2022

spend $500 to $1200 for a used ASV

I guess it depends where you are looking. When I was checking some of the suppliers on the supplier list, I was seeing used ASVs at around the $2000 mark or more. Sad

Sorry you're having to find this fine balance between centrals and obstructives.

RE: Central Apneas - alva360 - 01-16-2022


A little update, so I went to my first appointment with my new insurance, a have a new therapist (I still haven't seen a doctor, I guess that's their process, gotta love insurances!). Well, he said my CAs could be triggered by my high pressure as my sleep study did no register any CAs when my pressure was 4-6, it started to register one, only one CA when I went to 8.

So per his recommendation, I set the pressure Auto from 4-6 and gave it three days to try with a new mask (not a full face mask, this time is a nasal pillow that it's really comfortable to my surprise with low leaks since I thought I was a mouth breather). One of those days was with EPR of 1 and didn't have a good sleep when I set it to one.

I am still scoring many many CAs. And I think that OA and Hypo-apneas went up too with those new settings ;(. I don't think I am going to get an ASV anytime soon via insurance... 


RE: Central Apneas - SarcasticDave94 - 01-16-2022

If you're getting this level of CA while the PAP is idling along, nah it's not going to cut it if you ask me. But I think your tactic should be you don't feel better for the therapy, etc. Since this therapist won't likely be interested in your OSCAR charts or comments you may pick up here that CA are looking Trainwreck terrible, just stick with your personal symptom and complaint list. Make that list. IF you want to pursue ASV, you have no good comments about this current therapy. I'm not saying to falsify things, but only mention negatives.

You may be forced to use BPAP next. Prepare yourself to fight, because next is TERRIBLE. After that is ST, and now it's TERRIBLE TIMES 20. And I would refuse that one. Pass ST, Go to ASV.

RE: Central Apneas - Ratchick - 01-17-2022

What Dave says.

I'm currently having to play the "how it feels rather than what the numbers say" game with my (temporary) doctor and it's infuriating... but nope, it's nothing to do with your pressure, not with those numbers on basically nothing. You clearly need something else.

Tell him all the negatives, as Dave said. Headaches? Blurry vision? Confusion? Difficulty waking up? Falling asleep whenever you sit down even if you have to concentrate? Memory issues etc? anything you can think of.