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Chin strap? - David Clark - 01-13-2022

I have a full face mask that I mostly use. I also have a hybrid and a nasal mask. I really want to use the nasal mask but when I sleep I don't breathe through my mouth but apparently I don't keep my mouth completely shut either...and you know what happens then. I tried it the other night and was sleeping really good until I woke up with that whoosh of air coming out my mouth. 
Can any of you recommend a good chin strap to help keep the mouth closed because I really want to get away from the full face mask if I can.

RE: Chin strap? - nightgagger - 01-14-2022

The Knightsbridge chin strap cap is what I would recommend.  I used one of those neoprene ones on Amazon and it did not do the job as well as create pain in the jaw area due to the way the chin/jaw is pushed in an irregular manner.

Google search and you'll see a lot of information on this cap.

RE: Chin strap? - OpalRose - 01-14-2022

You can find the Knightsbridge chin strap at Supplier #37.

Some folk also use a soft cervical collar to help keep their mouth/jaw from opening.


RE: Chin strap? - Ratchick - 01-16-2022

I use a soft cervical collar, and I also mouth tape when I use nasal pillows. Between the two, that mostly works. I have tried a variety of chinstraps aside from the Knightsbridge, but I've been meaning to give it a go.