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Unusual central apneas - JEDP - 03-09-2022

This is my Oscar data from 2 nights ago. 9 central apneas in just a few minutes. I usually get 1 or 2 a night. I was particularly stressed about something and had some insomnia during the night. Although I think I was asleep at this point. Any thoughts about what is going on? Thanks!

RE: Unusual central apneas - Geer1 - 03-09-2022

Might have been partially awake or just a strange night, they happen.

Not significant enough to worry about unless it gets worse and starts happening regularly.

RE: Unusual central apneas - JEDP - 03-10-2022

Thank you. Happened again last night. And it was also a lousy night anxiety sleep. Although they were more spread out. For context, my AHI has never been above 1 before these last few day. And rarely more than 2 CAs per night.

RE: Unusual central apneas - SarcasticDave94 - 03-10-2022

I almost want to apply the SWJ (Sleep Wake Junk) label to your small CA clusters. To me, the 2 charts I've seen these CA clusters appear to happen about a half hour before you end the sleep session. No offense intended, but I've seen and even created massive CA events all over the chart before. It may be new to you and therefore attention grabbing, but it's not appearing to be a major issue, given the data in the chart. Any other changes recently that may account for these CA or even sleep pattern in general?

RE: Unusual central apneas - Geer1 - 03-10-2022

As mentioned both instances occurred late in the morning when sleep would have been light. You can see arousals at 6:40 and just before 6:48 that could be triggering these apnea or SWJ.

Even if these are real central apnea a small flurry like this is unlikely to be causing any issues or symptoms. Try to relax and focus on easing the stress/anxiety. If you need to take a break from looking at OSCAR data each day as that probably isn't helping the situation.