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High Leakage but AHI okay - BrianG - 05-04-2022

I am an 81yo male.  Use Resmed AS10 and F&P Ison2 nasal mask.  Have had AS10 for 2 years.  Recently I have been getting excessive leakage readings with a grumpy face icon each morning.  AHI have been good though, generally less than 2.   My CPAP supplier suggested a new mask which I got yesterday, but the results today are the same as before.  I contacted my CPAP supplier this morning and they told me not to worry about the high leakage (as it is not annoying me) and that it is only the AHI reading that is important.   To me this doesn't sound correct as I think that the leakage should be lower.   When I do the "leakage test" I find that I get a smiley face if I block off the diffuser on the mask.   But otherwise a grumpy face appears after about 30 seconds.    Today's printouts from Rescan are below.  Any suggestions?

RE: High Leakage but AHI okay - multicast - 05-05-2022

As a matter of fact you're using your device as a leaf blower. And your supplier is wrong. Maybe you should try an FFM.


RE: High Leakage but AHI okay - pholynyk - 05-05-2022

There is definitely too much leakage; it's hard to tell if they are mouth leaks or mask leaks. You are often over the 24 L/min red line, so the machine is having difficulty treating your apneas. Your numbers look good, but they may not be accurate.

Your results on that one day are split between central apnea and hypoanea; if that typical we might want to see your EPR setting,. Perhaps something can be improved. The first priority should be the leaks, however.

I see multicast, above, suggested a full face mask, which should help with mouth leaks. A different nasal mask, like the ResMed N20 or the Respironics Wisp, may fit better and be more comfortable. A soft cervical collar can also help train the jaw to stay closed.

I should put in a word for OSCAR, which many people report is easier to use than ResScan, and provides the F12 key to take screen shots which are easier to attach than photos. Also more people here are familiar with reading those screen shots.