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eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - bergerj - 05-08-2022

I've been using eXciteOSA since April 5th and looking at my results in OSCAR I don't think I'm seeing any improvements. In the initial discussions, it was mentioned that I might see some improvements in about 4 weeks, 28 days? I'm still using my CPAP at night as I haven't been tested lately but believe I have moderate/severe OSA.

I thought I'd post some results to see if anyone else can spot an improvement? Happy to share any other information/screen shots:

- stats are from May 8th, and I started on April 6th.



RE: eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - GuppyDRV - 05-11-2022

I’ve been using the ExiteOSA device for around 3 months. I track my sleep with Oura as well as a written sleep log. I have not noticed a difference in either. My sleep doctor has suggested and I have confirmed with the ExiteOSA web site that a second 6 week daily course of therapy might help. I’ve been on the two per week maintenance level for around 4 weeks. 

I get my first new mouth peace in the mail shortly and will try this second round as suggested. The highest level that I am able to use without serious discomfort is 12. The top level 14 felt like torture.

As for the concept and usage I would recommend to anyone interested that you give it a try. It’s low impact on your life and easy to use. The downside is the cost as mine was not covered by insurance so I just paid out of pocket.

Hope this helps.


RE: eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - bergerj - 05-11-2022

Thanks for the reply. I spoke with the vendor that sold me the eXciteOSA and looking at my data they also didn't see any improvement. I'm on day 34 now I believe. They suggested I reach out to the vendor and they suggested that I keep going to day 42 and see if there is any change. They also offered me to keep using it if I wanted to extend the trail which I might do.

I'm at level 15 now, I've noticed if I move my tongue around then 'shock level' changes a bit so I'm trying my best not to move Smile

I'm still on the 1 a day treatment. Will see how that goes till at least day 42 and then post again.


RE: eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - joe7323 - 06-02-2022

I am thinking of getting exciteOSA. I have mild sleep apnea.  Should I not waste my money.

RE: eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - bergerj - 06-02-2022

I have moderate to severe Sleep Apnea. I haven't had a sleep test for over 5 years so I may be severe but I have lost a bit of weight, so I'm really not sure. I'm still using eXciteOSA, I'm on day 52.  I may have missed 3 days max, the therapy is very easy to use. I have no issues with how you use the product. They give you a money-back guarantee to use the product for 42 days. I talked with the support folks and they said they would extend it to 60 days once I reached 42 and I wasn't sure yet if it was helping.

Looking at my stats I do see my max pressure is a bit lower this week than the last 30 days and the last 6 months./year. I am seeing some leak in my headgear so it is probably time for a new nose piece which might improve my numbers even more.

Anyways, with the money-back guarantee, I would definitely try it as you don't really have anything to lose.  The therapy isn't hard once you get used to it. I do it every morning after I get out of bed just after breakfast. 

If you have any questions let me know and good luck either way.


RE: eXciteOSA See Any Improvement? (with images) - mishugenah - 06-19-2022


I'm using the device since August of last year and my usage amount for maintenance is around 3-4 times a week. I think its working, compliance is extremely easy, and its hard for me to keep my mask on with my cpap machine. Then again, my apnea is very mild to begin with, and it may simply not work for anyone with more severe apnea.  Incidentally, I can't put this at a strength higher than 10 or 11 max, and tend to back off to a 9.

Good luck!