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RESCAN V7.0 - MAULE-N9008E - 05-17-2022

I am interested in the mechanics of updating Rescan V6.0 to Rescan V7.0. I have successfully downloaded Rescan V7.0 and before I proceed to install it I need to know what happens in the update. Specifically 1) does V7.0 update the existing V6.0, 2) do I lose any of the existing data, 3) what are the advantages of updating to V7.0.

RE: RESCAN V7.0 - pholynyk - 05-18-2022

It looks like ResScan 7 replaces 6. I'm not sure of the data because I can't recall how much I ever used 6.

RE: RESCAN V7.0 - SuperSleeper - 05-18-2022

To answer the questions:

1 - Yes, pholynyk is correct - it replaces your existing ResScan installation with 7.0

2- If you upgraded ResScan your saved preferences, custom reports and patient files will still be
available after the upgrade

3 - ResMed supplies no "changlog" or explanation for what has changed from one version to the next, unfortunately.  So, all we have to go by are user reported issues or changes, and so far, we haven't heard much from users.

For more information, please download the ResScan Clinician Manual, the link is in this post:


RE: RESCAN V7.0 - cbt2610 - 05-18-2022

I have resscan but how can i Login?


RE: RESCAN V7.0 - SuperSleeper - 05-18-2022

(05-18-2022, 03:02 PM)cbt2610 Wrote: I have resscan but how can i Login?


Once you install ResScan, follow these directions to enter your username & password:


RE: RESCAN V7.0 - SuperSleeper - 05-18-2022

For those who can, the free OSCAR software is much better than the ResScan software and much more user friendly.

If you'd like to download OSCAR, go to this page:


To see if your machine is supported by OSCAR, go here: