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Risks using EERS? - SenatorBirch - 06-22-2022

I've read the wiki on Enhanced Expiratory Rebreathing Space (EERS), and it looks like something my son should try asap (to deal with possible TESCA).  I know some people have had success with it.  (I only recently posted some reports and am anticipating getting advice from members here, so I'll be getting my guidance from that, and not forking out on another tangent, of course.  But I did want to investigate this option in parallel, at least just to get the info and understand it.)

I'm wondering about the risks.  The article mentions that the safety valve for full mask setups is NOT required for nasal therapy, which is what my son uses.
I also read somewhere on the ApneaBoard that some doctors won't prescribe this device because of the risk (asphyxiation?).

Aside from the safety valve (which seems unnecessary for my son anyway), are there any precautions one can or should take?  Is there a way to monitor CO2 or Oxygen that would wake one up if there were a problem?

I've searched and read some discussion on the board, including the EERS wiki, but I haven't found a general discussion on this.

General thoughts on this issue?

RE: Risks using EERS? - OpalRose - 06-22-2022

While you're waiting to hear from others, check out some of the threads below listed under: "Possibly Related Threads".

RE: Risks using EERS? - Gideon - 06-22-2022

You sad "(to deal with possible TESCA)".  

IF you do not know what you are attempting to correct (POSSIBLE) then don't do it.

Since this is a discussion of your son's therapy it should be in that thread.

In general, not addressing your son's condition, when properly applied it is IMHO safe.  But start small with short extensions, evaluate for several days as a minimum, then if appropriate add the next step up extension.

RE: Risks using EERS? - sawinglogz - 06-23-2022

Ideally you would find a doctor who will actually do a titration study for you. They’ll monitor O2 and CO2 while they try different reservoir sizes (how much blue flex tube to use before the swivel vent). In that case you’ll have guidance for the mask modifications, confirmation that it helps, and confirmation that it’s safe.

Unfortunately, not many sleep doctors even know about it. And the primary “risk” is that you’re modifying the masks, which is technically off-label. As a result, usually the DME will provide you the supplies (insurance may not cover the flex tube or swivel vent, but it’s not expensive), and leave you to make the modifications.

RE: Risks using EERS? - SenatorBirch - 06-23-2022

Sorry if I'm being a bit obtuse OpalRose ... but where is the list of "Possibly Related Threads" you're referring to?

RE: Risks using EERS? - Gideon - 06-23-2022

Look below this thread, just scroll down, the forum SW shows posts it thinks are related.

RE: Risks using EERS? - SenatorBirch - 06-23-2022

Gideon ... I appreciate your concern regarding the wisdom (or lack thereof) of pursuing treatment based on unconfirmed hunches or assumptions.  Point taken.

That's sort of why I did NOT post the question under my son's treatment thread.  I was just looking for info and trying to understand some issues, options, etc, without cluttering the treatment discussion with a bunch of questions and issues that in fact may be entirely not applicable in my son's case.

That said, I probably will raise the issue (central apneas) in that thread now.

RE: Risks using EERS? - OpalRose - 06-23-2022

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a list of threads that discuss EERS, which may or may not be of interest to you.

RE: Risks using EERS? - SenatorBirch - 06-23-2022

Thanks sawinglogz.  Doc appt coming up soon I hope (son's health is so bad it's very difficult to make appts).  Not his regular doc - a 2nd doc for a 2nd opinion, fresh pair of eyes as it were.  TECSA and EERS are on my list of issues to raise with him.

RE: Risks using EERS? - sawinglogz - 06-23-2022

I’m very glad to hear you’re getting a second opinion. I hope the new doc is good!