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Resmed 11 - Teddysjam - 09-22-2022

I’m coming from an Resmed 10 which I also used a climate control hose I would fill water tank and after 6-7 hours water would be 50-75% gone. Now using Resmed 11 regular hose humidity set to 3 out of 8 started on 2 but noticed first few nights mouth was dry put to 3 A lot better but I noticed in morning water chamber still looks like it did night before barely if any water was used is that normal?  I know humidifier works I’ve warmed it up before I used it and plate gets warm but like I said hardly any water is used with new machine is the fine? Maybe I’m just used to heated tube using more water?on the Resmed 10?  Also one last question can I use the plastic elbow from the 10 that connected the hose to machine on the 11 that hose can be hard to get off machine.

RE: Resmed 11 - Nightynite - 09-22-2022

Teddysjam, My thought is your dealing with two different machines. Don’t compare them just yet.
Get comfortable on the new machine. The humidity and water level comparison is really irrelevant.
Your therapy, comfort level is the number 1 priority. The new machine may be more efficient.

As far as the elbow will it fit, just pull it off and try it. Twist it back and forth. This isn’t a complicated process.

RE: Resmed 11 - Lucid - 09-22-2022

Hi, Teddysjam  I have a ResMed AirSense 11, too.  I am using around a half a tub of water per night now.  I have Climate Control (humidity) and Tube Temp set on Auto, which has worked fine for me.

I'm trying to remember if someone said these settings have to be enabled in the clinician menu, too.  Might have been different settings, though.  Wouldn't hurt to check there, I guess.

RE: Resmed 11 - B1Sailor - 09-22-2022

Hi, Teddysjam  I have a ResMed AirSense 11 too and similar experience. I have Sjogren's syndrome which means I have dry everything – mostly eyes and mouth. Mouth always burning so I drink too much water. My old Respronics CFlex, I would crank up pretty high and use a chamber or water a night. That used to give me some relief. I live in very deep south and a lot of humidity. But I still did not have problem with the humidifier on high.

On the AirSense 11, the DME set to 3. The second night I set to 4 without really evaluating 3. It used the entire tank and I started developing mask leaks because of the moisture build up on my cheeks. I am using the F30 which is known for mask leaks. I turned it down to 1 and have been there for a few weeks. It still uses more water then I would expect on 1 but the moisture on cheeks is better.

So I am wondering if some of these machines have a bug that the setting is not making much difference. Maybe serial number ranges of the AirSense 11 may have a problem. I have to figure out how to possible record temperature in the chamber during use.

The DME said they do not use the heated hose down here because of the humidity.  I have never had a heated hose so I don't know.

RE: Resmed 11 - clownbell - 09-22-2022

Teddy - I agree with nightynite. Don't go down the rabbit hole wasting your time on things that don't really matter. If you are comfortable and if you are sleeping well and if your numbers are reasonable and if your leaks are well controlled, then nothing else is all that important.