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EPR vs PS - same? - YouTakeMyBreathAway - 11-12-2022

I heard it said multiple times and my sleep doctor also mentioned PS is different from EPR even at the same setting.

Is this true? Are EPR 3.0 and PS 3.0 different in their net effect?

I was just comparing my pressure curves w/ 3.0 EPR vs 5.0 PS and they look pretty similar.



RE: EPR vs PS - same? - Sleeprider - 11-12-2022

If you look at the mask pressure graph from a Vauto and Airsense CPAP, both produce identical pressure curves. The Airbreak project which used Autoset machines and converted them to enable Aircurve algorithms, demonstrated that the pneumatic block and main board is identical across the Airsense and Aircurve series (CPAP, APAP, VPAP-S, VPAP Auto, ASV, ST, IVAPS), but differs in firmware to control the unit. The mechanism used to produce bilevel pressure and EPR is identical, differing only in the firmware used to produce the EPAP and IPAP pressure and transition. We have more controls with the Aircurve bilevel machines, but those time of inspiration, trigger and cycle controls and even backup rates are all driven by software, not hardware differences. Decide for yourself, but a sleep doctor is not a PAP designer, and apparently not very aware of just how similar the machines are.

RE: EPR vs PS - same? - Crimson Nape - 11-12-2022

Since the maximum EPR value is 3 cm, you should be comparing both at 3.   The "R" in EPR stands for relief, meaning "take away from".  The "S" in PS stands for support, meaning "add to".  So with EPR, you subtract its value from the set pressure to obtain the exhalation pressure.   On a PS setting, you add its value to the EPAP value.  The IPAP setting on a VAuto is a maximum limit setting, unless you are in the "S" mode.  The S-mode only has EPAP and IPAP and no PS settings, since the EPAP and IPAP in this mode control the PS value.

- Red