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request help understanding OSCAR report - markwgpsu - 11-23-2022


I started using CPAP about ten weeks ago and look at the data using OSCAR. The attached screen shot is typical of what I see nightly. I seem to have apneas in closely timed clusters once or twice a night. These are enough to raise the running AHI hourly index up to 20 or 30. Is there something I should be doing different, adjustments I should make, to improve the quality of therapy I am receiving?

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RE: request help understanding OSCAR report - OpalRose - 11-23-2022

Welcome to Apnea Board!

There's a couple things I notice.  The clumps of Obstructives are positional, and mask leaking is occurring at the same time.  

The positional apnea is usually from chin tucking.  This can occur if you sleep on your back or side.  Sleeping on more than one pillow or one that is too tall can cause your head to tilt forward causing chin tucking.  This cuts off your air.... results are clumps of apneas.  A medium firm pillow, but not too tall can help.  

Another solution is using a soft cervical collar to help align your neck.  

Also, be sure your mask fits properly.  Over tightening the straps can cause leaks.
Read the Mask Primer and see if you can glean any hints to help.


One more suggestion... your pressure zooms right up to 11 even at times when there's no leaking, so a pressure adjustment may help.

I would use a minimum pressure of 10, max pressure at 20.  Leave EPR at 3.

Next time, be sure to add the Flow Limitation graph. Your 95% Flow Limitation is .05, so that seems pretty good and shouldn't cause you any issues. We like to see the 95% number under .10.

RE: request help understanding OSCAR report - Gideon - 11-23-2022

Please drop The AHI and Respiration Rate charts, if we need them we will ask for them. Since Flow Limits also drive pressure that is an important chart that you are not showing. Your pressure chart shows the presence of flow limits via the pressure increases without obstructive events. I suspect that they too are positional.