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littlefatcat therapy thread (advice) - littlefatcat - 01-24-2023

My Dreamstation is gone and I'm using a new Resmed Airsense 11. I have been trying to tweak my settings on my own, but am uncertain about what I'm doing. Doc had machine set at 5-20. I am currently using 13-17 with EPR 1. Attached are screenshots of settings that I am currently using. I have tried various things like fixed pressure, no EPR, etc. Right now I'm pretty comfortable in this range, but wondered if anyone could give me any pointers for improvement. I am going back and forth with taping my mouth, because when I do, I sometimes wake up feeling like I'm swallowing air. I believe with the 2 screenshots that I have posted I was sleeping on my side throughout the night. When I sleep on my back is when I have more difficulty such as waking up. Tried a soft cervical collar, but (ugh) it bothers me a whole lot. Any suggestions to improve settings and leaks would be appreciated.