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Auto on setting - OMyMyOHellYes - 08-15-2013

For those of you with a machine capapble of auto on/off, do you use it or just continue using the on/off button?

I have never enabled it on any of my units.


RE: Auto on setting - jettman96 - 08-15-2013

I like the auto on/off feature. If I have a night where I just get annoyed with the mask I can just take it off and it shuts off automatically (I'm still adjusting to the system).

I don't obsess about my data but this feature does help to ensure the accuracy of data by ensuring the machine is only on when you are wearing the mask.

RE: Auto on setting - skyler - 08-15-2013

I use the auto on, but I'm not sure if my Respironics ASV has auto off. I usually use the on/off button to turn it off.
The auto on makes things simpler.

RE: Auto on setting - Paptillian - 08-15-2013

I second what skyler said.

I'm using the auto-on/off currently after reading a thread about how it can be useful after a power outage (in case you sleep through it and the power comes back on, the machine should auto-start).

However auto-off does not work well for me using the nasal pillows, so I just push the button to turn it off. I would have liked it if Resmed had separated the two functions instead of having a master auto-on/off setting.

RE: Auto on setting - RonWessels - 08-15-2013

Well, I was the one that started the "why auto-on is a good thing" thread, so naturally I voted that I use auto-on. I do have auto-off disabled, because I like to have the blower turned on for a period of time to fully dry the hose and mask after I have cleaned them. Auto-off would defeat that.

RE: Auto on setting - trish6hundred - 08-15-2013

On my Respironics DS200S, I used Auto-On/Off but on my later machines, such as the one I'm using now, I used the power button because I thought I read somewhere that those features scued the data.

RE: Auto on setting - oak - 08-15-2013

I have my resmed set to auto on/off, but like Trish i keep manually shutting it off when going for bathroom breaks and waking up, because I also think i read somewhere that it skews the data.

RE: Auto on setting - RonWessels - 08-15-2013

I can't see any way that auto-on will skew the data. However, if you rely on auto-off to turn off the machine and simply rip the mask off and drop it on the bed when you go to the washroom, it will probably register brief periods of high leak rate before it realizes there's nobody on the other end anymore. While this may affect the overall summary data, if you look at the detailed data, you can easily realize that any such high leak is because you purposely took off the mask and not because the mask was actually leaking that badly.