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Who am I - kevke - 10-07-2013

Hi Folks,

first of all, I love that you are out there, thanks Administrators for keeping this page up and running.

Now about me:
Hi, I am Kevin from A-Town, Germany. I am 34 yrs old, a bit fat (1,89 / 19.68 Stones) and I have recently been diagnosed with OSA. I have received a brand new Resperonics One REMstar Auto, and a fullface Mask made by ResMed (Mirage Quattro) for relieve.

I am happy, that finally my fate of sleeping during the day and night because of snoring my butt of and the obvious disaster, when it comes to School-life back then, has an explanation.

Thanks for having me.

RE: Who am I - trish6hundred - 10-07-2013

Hi kevke,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Best of luck to you on your CPAP journey.

RE: Who am I - Tez62 - 10-07-2013

Welcome kevke and good luck with your journey.

RE: Who am I - cbramsey - 10-09-2013

Welcome to the forum!!! We are glad you joined us!!! Welcome