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resmed h5i - lafsa - 03-25-2014

last week i received my new resmed s9 autoset....with the heated hose... i am wondering if it is working properly...the hose, water in chamber and plate underneath don't get warm...should it be that way or is the set up incorrect?

RE: resmed h5i - herbm - 03-25-2014

The water and the plate should get at least SLIGHTLY warm unless your room conditions are very hot for modern home.

Notice that 80-something degrees is not very hot, so if you were living in a warm climate with no air conditioning you might not notice a big difference.

But in my 65-72 degree bedroom, it's pretty obvious that the plate is warm (thus the requirement for the machine to cool down a bit) and the water is at least tepid or lukewarm.

Most people CANNOT feel the warmth in the heated hose (although there may be exceptions.)

Usually I run my heated hose UNDER MY ARM (or originally over my neck) when sleeping facing away from the machine, but never does that feel warm nor does it create a hotspot.

RE: resmed h5i - trish6hundred - 03-25-2014

Hi lafsa,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.

RE: resmed h5i - PsychoMike - 03-25-2014

Herb is quite correct, it should get a little warm, depending on the machine settings. I used to find that if the machine was on a fully auto mode for the climate control, I didn't use much water and the water chamber remained pretty cool.

If you're not having an issue feeling dried out in the morning, it's probably not a major concern for the moment. Smile

RE: resmed h5i - PaulaO2 - 03-25-2014

The only time I noticed my climateline was warm was when we forgot to open the bedroom door to warm it up before we went to bed. When I laid down, that hose was comfy! You know the bedroom is cold when you want to curl up around your CPAP hose!

The warmest I've ever felt the water was tepid. I was sick and had the humidity turned way high. I got up in the middle of the night and checked the water level but sticking my finger down into the hole.

I've never actually messed with the heating plate. Never thought about it.

RE: resmed h5i - Sinkiller - 04-06-2014

I keep my H5i/heated hose at 80 (default) and almost never see any appreciable water use. Admittedly, I live in a humid climate but I would expect to see some water use. I would leave the humidifier off but I do notice that the air coming thru the hose is warmer on my face than without it. The warming plate is slight warm during use but barely noticeable.

RE: resmed h5i - gjw - 04-06-2014

Hi Lafsa

Have you tried setting the H5i with ClimateLine to auto, and the temperature to the maximum setting? If the 'air' feels to wet, then lower the temperature one degree at a time until you find the setting that feels the most comfortable.

;-> gjw

RE: resmed h5i - lafsa - 04-07-2014

i have my temp now set at 84.
all seems to be working well now! yippeeeeeee