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Restless Legs - DeannaM - 09-03-2014

Hello friends-- I am a long time sufferer of RLS. The doc gives me muscle relaxers to help get them calmed down, but I know that they are not helpful for OSA. Does anyone else have a remedy? Thank you!

RE: Restless Legs - PaulaO2 - 09-03-2014

Depends on the root cause. Did your doc do a full blood work up, looking at minerals, too? When mine were at their worse, my potassium was low due to medication. Adding potassium helped tremendously with that. Even now, if I notice I am going bonkers with them, I'll eat bananas for a few days, and it will ease enough I can tolerate it.

I had a dietician tell me to stop drinking all tea. Herbal, green, regular, all of it. She's seen a lot of her clients "cured" of their RLS this way. Not sure if I could go the rest of my life not drinking tea again though!

RLS is nerve, not muscle, so muscle relaxer isn't going to do you much good, unless I am misunderstanding how it works. Regardless, unless the medication is going to make you super drowsy and put you to sleep, it shouldn't interfere with your OSA.

RE: Restless Legs - Simon M - 09-04-2014

I've also found that potassium (in the form of 'slow-k' tablets) helps with RLS, as Paula mentioned.