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Where to keep RX - TorontoCPAPguy - 11-02-2014

Hate to speak after the boss but..... when each of us got our CPAP machines or accessories we got an Rx from our doc. If I may, I would suggest that you get the Rx's scanned and copied. I have a plastic pouch in my CPAP case in which I carry all of my Rx's and some other official looking documents. It is important to have not only because an Rx is required to purchase (or SELL) much of this stuff, the proof thereof which is essential, but when flying, for example, the documents can save some inspection or hassle time for you on occasion as CPAP/etc. generally travels UNCOUNTED especially on domestic flights. Good stuff to have.

RE: [split] Where to keep RX - PaulaO2 - 11-02-2014

Moved your post to its own thread and removed quoted post to lessen confusion.

RE: [split] Where to keep RX - Homerec130 - 11-04-2014

Keep one copy in the file with my paperwork, also have an electronic copy which is somewhere in the cloud, and a paper copy in the travel bag with my machine.


RE: [split] Where to keep RX - cant_sleep_in_nj - 11-09-2014

I keep all my docs in dropbox so i always have it with me in case i ever need it. Never have i been asked while flying though. (fly weekly for biz)