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S9ick - OMyMyOHellYes - 01-14-2015

OK - I think the S9 is getting sick.

Normally ultra quiet (with the occasional very slight characteristic S9 sigh on exhale), over the last week I have noted that the S9 is putting out a very noticeable growl the entire time it is on. It varies in frequency - but it goes up when I inhale, down on exhale.

GRRRRRRgrrrrrGRRRRRgrrrrrGRRRRRgrrrrrGRRRRRgrrrrr all night long which is definitely not normal.

I do not believe that this unit is under warranty. Does Resmed offer general repair services? Has anyone used them and if so, what was the experience from the standpoint of turnaround and cost?

As it has only been a few years since I replaced my S8 under insurance, I doubt they would be wild about helping with a new unit, but may if it is actually failing.

Part of what I am wondering if it may be wiser to try and go for used replacement unit from one of our numbered online suppliers or going to the classifieds.


RE: S9ick - jrolli1509 - 01-14-2015

My S9 began having same issue 3 weeks ago with predominant whine tied to inspiration. My tag for inquiry/replies was ResMed S9,h5i inspiratory whine on 1/2/1015. The unit was 4 year old. The DME tried increasing the pressure range as occasionally I exceeded the previously set, but that didn't help. Oddly, a month prior, I developed a eustachian tube dysfunction popping that was also on inspiration which is why I turned down the pressure--ENT diagnosed it as Patulous eustachian tube dysfunction prescribing Flonase which is maybe helpful.
So I am pouring over esteemed AB for answers to my new issue PRS1 Remstar AutoA Flex because IT makes a tubular-echo inspiratory vibration-noise, even with earplugs. S9 before the whine was incredibly quiet. Good luck
Noise is important

RE: S9ick - me50 - 01-14-2015

I don't really know what might cause this but I would suggest changing your mask/cushion, tubing, filter, etc. and see if any of that helps first. You never know if your filter is not as clean as the machine wants it to be if it is causing a blockage somewhere, if your tubing has a small hole in it or there is an issue with the cushions (try washing the cushion and the frame to make sure that the vents are not being blocked by dust, animal hair, etc.).

Just suggestions because I really don't know but I think checking the least expensive things first has always been the best way to go.

RE: S9ick - retired_guy - 01-14-2015

Please remove the kitty that has been sucked up into the filter and try again.

If that doesn't work, untie the knot in the air tube caused by over frickiness on New Year's Eve.

If that doesn't work, try one of the ideas that ME50 suggested.

If that doesn't work, call Mr. Resmed and ask about warranty. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If that doesn't work, ask Mrs. Ohmyo to sing sweetly until you fall asleep.

If that doesn't work, take the kitty you removed from the air filter and wrap it gently but snugly around your ears.

If that doesn't work, check back for further highly professional assistance.

RE: S9ick - archangle - 01-14-2015

Do still have your S8 and does it work? If you've got some kind of backup, it makes it less urgent.

I've done good checking craigslist and waiting for a good deal, but It would usually take weeks or months to find a good deal. You'll see a lot of people wanting WAY too much, but also some decent prices. I'd be looking for an S9 Auto or PRS1 Auto for around $300.

RE: S9ick - archangle - 01-14-2015

There are a couple of online CPAP repair places listed in the supplier list. I've heard a number of people mention #27 as giving them good service.

I suspect ResMed will want you to go through one of their dealers.

RE: S9ick - OMyMyOHellYes - 01-14-2015

Thanks for the input, eveabody.

Archie - no, the S8 gave up it's last breath shortly after I got the S(. Actually died the first time I pulled it off the shelf and plugged it in just to check it about a month later. I do however, have a backup. It was a Craigslist find - DeVillbiss Intellipap Auto. Found it in a pawn shop's listing. Had less than like 20 hours total on it and IIRC, I think I paid like $125-140 for it. It is currently residing by the recliner for those nappy afternoons or nights when I need to sleep sitting up. But it is more than adeqauate to the job. I could be perfectly happy with that as a primary about 85% of the time. Data reporting, if that is a big concern, can be funky and for those times when I want to view data, the S9 or the Respironics seem to shine. And sitting on the nightstand, the Intellipap looks a little industrial. Nobody has EVER ever made a better looking CPAP/APAP/BiPAP than the S9.

I am watching CL to see if a low time S9 or Respironics 560 (?) shows up as a steal.


PS - Question re: the 560: does it do full time auto adjusting? I thought I read somewhere that it did like a two week test, then figured out the presure to switch you to and went into CPAP mode for a few weeks, then would do an occasional retest?

RE: S9ick - archangle - 01-15-2015

(01-14-2015, 09:52 PM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: PS - Question re: the 560: does it do full time auto adjusting? I thought I read somewhere that it did like a two week test, then figured out the presure to switch you to and went into CPAP mode for a few weeks, then would do an occasional retest?

I think the most recent 560 models have 4 "auto" modes, "normal" APAP, APAP with "optistart", and CPAP A-trial, and CPAP C-check. Early models didn't have the later three modes.

Normal APAP adjusts every minute or so.

Optistart adjusts the minimum pressure over time.

CPAP A-trial and C-check are sort of night by night adjustment of the single CPAP pressure. I think that's what you're talking about. They were introduced in the 450 model and slipped into the 560 model sometime after the introduction of the 560.

Unfortunately, the current clinician's manual we have for the 560 doesn't describe these features. A-trial and C-check are sort of described in the description for the 450 AutoIQ PRO model, and maybe in the 460 pro manual which I don't have yet. I don't think we have a description of Optistart in any of the manuals.