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Hurricane CPAP Dryer - Regular Joe - 01-21-2015

Hi everyone! I've been gone for a while. It's nice to be back. Anyone else have the Siestamed Hurricane Dryer home model? I had some flexible spending account dollars to use or loose for 2014, so I purchased the dryer from C...er uh, Supplier #1. I have used it twice and I like it! It dries the mask, tubing, headgear and anything else that will fit in it in an hour or less. It's a little noisy but I'm not usually around while it's running. It has 15, 30 minute or 60 minute settings. It seems well made and is a little larger than I thought. I have it in an extra bathroom so it's out of the way.

RE: Hurricane CPAP Dryer - trish6hundred - 01-21-2015

Hi Regular Joe,
Good to see you back on the forum.
I have the Hurricane CPAP Dryer, (home model,) and like it very much.

RE: Hurricane CPAP Dryer - Eurika - 01-22-2015

Like you I also have the dryer, it makes life a lot easier and does the job of drying out the hoses mask etc very nicely.

RE: Hurricane CPAP Dryer - TheManseHen - 01-22-2015

I hate wet tubing/nasal pillows etc, this would be very tempting to me. Do you know if the accelerated drying shortens the lifespan of the plastics/tubing etc that go into them? Does the manufacturer say anything about such? Is there anything one can't put into it, ie nasal pillows?

Thanks, Susan

RE: Hurricane CPAP Dryer - Regular Joe - 01-22-2015

I don't think the lifespan of the plastic/tubing will be noticeably shortened. You are going to replace those on a regular basis anyway. It doesn't get that HOT, it's warm circulating air that does the drying. I'm guessing nasal pillows would do just fine. You could always ask the vendor you choose.