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Pillar Procedure? - Romax - 02-02-2015

Hi Everyone,
Has anyone tried or know of anyone who has tried the Pillar Procedure for sleep Apnea? Thanks![/size]

RE: Pillar Procedure? - Beethoven - 02-02-2015

I had the Pillar Procedure. It was so painful, I had to stop after he inserted 2 bars instead of the usual 3. My husband said there was a slight reduction in snoring but he still couldn't sleep. This was 7 years ago and I feel the bars in my soft palate especially when I have hay fever - it itches. I wish I hadn't done it. It didn't really work and it's annoying.

RE: Pillar Procedure? - archangle - 02-02-2015

There was a lot of talk about it 10 or more years ago, and then people quit talking about it.

I've always assumed that the results just weren't good enough to make it worthwhile.