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Apneaboard SleepyHead beginner's guide.

Getting Help with Problems

If you want help with install problems, please be sure to write down the EXACT wording of any errors you get.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with Microsoft's "Snipping Tool" and take screenshots of any errors you have.

How to Install SleepyHead on Windows Machines

These notes are for installation on Windows 7. If you have a Windows 8 machine, there are probably some differences in how you do the install. There will even be some differences in what you see on Windows 7 depending on how your machine is set up.

Hopefully, this guide will still be useful.

I'm using Firefox as my web browser. Internet Explorer, Chrome, or other browsers may be slightly different.

Figure out Which Version of Windows You Have

You need to know whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't make this easy.

-If you can't figure out which version of windows you have, use the 32 bit version.

Depending on your version of Windows, the following should work.

Start -> Control Panel -> Computer -> System Type

System type will say 32 bit or 64 bit.

Go to the Download Web Page

Choose the 32 or 64 bit Version and Download

In this example, I choose the 64 bit Windows Version.
Right click on to bring up the menu.
Click on Save Link As...

Archangle SLINST Download.JPG

If you are using the Chrome browser, you may get a "warning message" stating it is "not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". Ignore this message.

This is a generic warning from Chrome about downloading "unknown" zip files containing executable files. Of course, SleepyHead is neither a virus nor malware, but it's a good idea to run your own antivirus scan against this or any other executable files that you download from any source. If you see this Chrome message it will show a "discard" button. If you wish to use the downloaded file, simply change that "discard" option by clicking on the drop-down menu (down arrow) and select "keep" this file.

Choose Where to Save the File

In this case, I just let it save the file to the "Downloads" directory.

Archangle SLINST Download2.JPG

Open the Directory Where you Saved the File

Try to remember where you saved the file and open that directory in Windows.

If you use Firefox, you can select Tools -> Downloads and do "Open Containing Folder" on the file you just saved.

Archangle SLINST Download3.JPG

Extract (Unzip) the File

The file you downloaded is a ZIP file containing a number of other files. You need to unzip the file in order to use it.

On most versions of Windows, Windows will extract the files for you. Right click on the file you just downloaded. ( in this example.)

Select "Extract All." 'NOTE: "Open" will NOT work. You MUST use "Extract All." ' Archangle SLINST Extract1.JPG

You will be given a choice of where to extract the file.

Archangle SLINST Extract2.JPG

You can put this wherever you want the SleepyHead program to be stored. At a minimum, I suggest you change the name so it's clear what is the directory and what is the .zip file. I just added "FILES" at the end of directory name like this:

Archangle SLINST Files3.JPG

Open the Directory you Just Created

Archangle SLINST Files4.JPG

Inside that directory will be the directory with the SleepyHead files. You can move it somewhere else if you want to, or just use it where it is. In this case, it's called "SleepyHead-Testing-0.9.8-1-T1-Windows-64bit".

Note that one of the above "folders" has a zipper as part of its icon. That is the way Windows shows .zip files. Windows will "open" this zip file as a folder, and show you the files, but you CANNOT run SleepyHead from within that pseudo "folder."

Open the SleepyHead Files Directory

Archangle SLINST Files6.JPG

The "OpenGL" version is the best, but it may fail to work on some older PC's with "broken" OpenGL drivers or hardware.

Try the "OpenGL" version and see if it works. It may give you an error code about OpenGL/BrokenGL. If so, or if it just fails, try the BrokenGL version of SleepyHead.

Desktop Shortcut

You can optionally create a desktop shortcut for SleepyHead.

Select the executable you used in the previous step, left click it once, then right click to get a menu.

Archangle SLINST Files7.JPG

Select Copy.

Go to the Desktop. Right click on the background and select "Paste Shortcut." DON'T forget the SHORTCUT part.

Archangle SLINST Paste Shortcut.JPG

You should end up with a desktop icon.

Archangle SLINST Desktop Icon.JPG

You can now optionally rename the icon, or copy it to your start menu or taskbar.