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Archangle's Notes on SleepyHead

Apneaboard SleepyHead beginner's guide.

Version to Install

I think almost everyone should install the "0.9.8-1 testing version", not the earlier "0.9.6" version. The testing version adds significant functions and works very well, but is a little more difficult to install.

If you have problems with the above links, you may need to enable javascript for or use these direct links:

Direct Download Links to 0.9.8-1 version

If you can't figure out which version of windows you have, the 32 bit version should work on all Windows versions, but may be slower.

Windows 32 bit "Testing" Version
-Alternate source-

Windows 64 bit "Testing" Version
-Alternate source-

You need z-zip to unpack the above windows versions of SleepyHead

Mac "Testing" version
-Alternate source-

Mac "Testing" version - "BrokenGL" version
-Alternate source-

The "testing" versions seem to work very well for most people.

If you want the older 0.9.6 version, here are the direct links.

Windows Older Version

Mac Older Version

OpenGL Versions and Errors

There are "OpenGL" and "BrokenGL" versions of the program. The OpenGL version is better, but it may not work on some older graphics cards. If you get an error with the OpenGL version, try the BrokenGL version.

For Windows, the latest version has both SleepyHead-BrokenGL.exe and SleepyHead-OpenGL.exe files.

You download different OpenGL/BrokenGL versions of the install files for Mac.

DLL Errors in Windows Version

If you get a message something like "MSVCR120.dll is missing," you need to install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package."

Explanation: A file needed by the SleepyHead program was left out by accident for some versions. The Microsoft package above installs this DLL on your Windows computer.

It may not always be "MSVCR120.dll", but it will be something similar starting with "MSV" and ending with ".dll".

Linux Build

Notes on building for Linux.