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CPAP Machine Choices - read this before you accept a new machine

I know it's been mentioned several times in other threads, but I think the Wiki article written by one of our Advisory Members (Archangle) on Machine Choices should be read by everyone here. Don't let a Durable Medical Equipment $upplier (DME) bamboozle you. Never accept or settle for what we nickname a dumb "brick" CPAP machine (one that is not fully data-capable).

Be an informed patient and read this excellent article, here:

Machine choices

If you get a good, data-capable CPAP machine - you and your doctor will be greatly empowered to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment on an ongoing basis. You can also use free software for your personal computer to monitor and chart your progress - as long as you have a data-capable machine.

Here's our Private Files & Links area, where you can learn how to obtain some of these free PC software packages: (you'll need to be logged into your Apnea Board Forum account to access the above link. Register HERE for a free forum account if you haven't already)