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The Clinician Setup Menu (or Setup Menu) on a modern CPAP machine is considered to be a "secret" hidden menu within the standard user menu. It is used by clinicians to adjust various non-user-accessible settings for the patient, including proper CPAP pressure.

On Apnea Board, we think intelligent Sleep Apnea patients should be trusted with the knowledge of how to adjust the pressure settings on their own legally-obtained CPAP machine. Of course, we always recommend consulting with a qualified sleep doctor before making any changes to sleep apnea therapy - that's simply common sense.

The methods for entering the Clinician Setup Menu of most modern CPAP machines are fairly simple; usually amounting to pushing two or three buttons on the CPAP simultaneously while powering on the device. This series of "button-pushing" is also known as the "secret handshake". If you would like the Clinician Setup Manual or instructions for entering the Setup Menu of your own CPAP machine, please go to our CPAP Clinician Manual Page. You may also be interested in our page on How to find optimum CPAP pressure.