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This is the Personal-Pages Category

Personal Pages are not considered part of the main Apnea Board Wiki. As such, they may contain personal opinion and are therefore not subject to our normal policy of Neutral point of view (NPOV).

Editors who create Personal Pages must abide by the general spirit of the Apnea Board Rules.

One Exception: Personal Pages are allowed to have limited Sleep Apnea-related commercial links on them, as long as the links are to websites or files that are obviously of help to Sleep Apnea patients. Links to external sites should not be used to generate web traffic for commercial purposes.

Personal Pages are to be used for Sleep Apnea subject matter only. In other words, Personal Pages should not be used to blog about your pet goldfish, the weather, your random thoughts or any other non-Sleep Apnea subject.

To create a Personal Page, simply create a new wiki page, then insert the {{personal}} tag at the very top of the article. This will automatically place the article in the "Personal-Pages" category and will insert the following rectangular notice at the top of the article:


Please note: when creating the page title for a Personal Page, please use the following format: Username:Title of Article

As an example, if your username is SuperSleeper and you'd like to write a Personal Page Article called "Lowering your AHI", then the complete Article title should be: SuperSleeper:Lowering your AHI
If you make a mistake with the title and need someone to correct it, please inform the Administrator.

There is no limit on how many Personal Pages a Wiki Editor can create. We ask all Apnea Board Wiki Editors to treat these Personal Pages as simply that: personal. Please do not edit another Wiki Editors Personal Page; it is intended as their "personal space" alone. All edits are documented in the "View History" tab.

Other Wiki Editors are encouraged to comment or discuss another Editor's Personal Page on its Talk Page (the Discussion Tab at top-left of Personal Page).

If you have questions on how to use this feature, please post your question in the Apnea Board Wiki Editors Forum .