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We are in the process of creating this page and at the moment all we can suggest is that you check the back or bottom of your machine and find the Specifications Sticker. Check back and hopefully we will have posted more detailed information.

Machine Identification

Most manufacturers put a specifications sticker or plate on their machines.
The most logical places to find them are on the back or the underside of your machine:
Below are some of the Makes and Models to help you locate your sticker.
DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 
[img][Image: 6083c569-ceaa-420b-940c-ee98c241fea3_zps747bc076.jpg][/img]
IntelliPAP® - DV51 Series
IntelliPAP Standard Plus® - DV53 Series
IntelliPAP AutoAdjust® - DV54 Series
IntelliPAP Bilevel S® - DV55 Series 
IntelliPAP AutoBilevel - DV57 Series

F&P Icon Family
[img][Image: ICON-_Auto_zps24c53cc9.jpg][/img]
F&P Icon Auto
F&P Icon Premo
F&P Icon Novo

PR System One 50 series
[img][Image: 49dcfdaf-248c-4f69-8427-7fb0857ff30a_zps09075fa5.jpg][/img]
US/Can Model numbers


PR System One 60 series
[img][Image: 20cfea50-a8cf-4ed4-86ca-eb8cb27428cc_zps70406b0d.jpg][/img]
US/Can models numbers (click on specification)

System One Comparison guides US/Can

ResMed S9 Series
You will find the specification sticker on the back of this machine.
Comparison/Specification (AutoSet, Elite, Escape Auto, Escape)


Sticker Locations

Model name on ResMed machines displayed next to power button

AutoSet, Elite, Escape, Escape Auto, VPAP, VPAP Adapt, etc ....
Phillips Respironcis System One machines model numbers label stuck at bottom of the machine
Models numbers shown here: