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OSCAR - Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter
The analysis of the respiratory waveform is the heart and strength of OSCAR, whether it is reporting the results from the manufacturer or manually interpreting the displayed respiratory waveform, it is the core.

  • This help system is a work in progress. Where a link is not present indicates the content intended to be placed in the article.
  • Acknowledgement: Much of the material in this help system has been taken and/or adapted from RobySue's Beginner's Guide to SleepyHead
  • The OSCAR program can be obtained free of charge from: Official OSCAR Download Page

OSCAR Installation and Data Migration Guide

A discussion of downloading and installing OSCAR on your PC followed by a discussion of migrating data from a previous version or from SleepyHead.

Running OSCAR for the first time

A discussion of creating a profile (required) and importing data from your CPAP's SD card.

Basic OSCAR organisation

A description of the various windows in OSCAR and the available options.

OSCAR Basic data interpretation

This section contains a more detailed description of the various OSCAR screens and how to interpret the data on those screens.

OSCAR Daily screen

OSCAR temporary glossary page

OSCAR Overview screen

      5.1 Overview data
      5.2 The AHI graph
      5.3 The Usage Compliance Overview
      5.4 Session Times Overview
      5.5 Leaks and Total Leak Overview
      5.6 Peak Hourly AHI Overview

OSCAR Statistics screen

      6.1 Organization of the Statistics Page
      6.2 A detailed look at the CPAP Statistics
          6.2.1 CPAP Usage data
          6.2.2 Therapy Efficacy data
          6.2.3 Leak Statistics
          6.2.4 Pressure Statistics
          6.2.5 Bugs in the CPAP Statistics data

OSCAR Important preferences settings

      7.1 The Import panel
      7.2 The CPAP panel
          7.2.1 CPAP clock drift
          7.2.2 Show Leak Redline
          7.2.3 A detailed look at the Show Leak Redline option
      7.3 The Graphs panel
      7.4 The General panel
      7.5 The Appearance panel


      8.1 Difference between Total Leak Rate and Leak Rate
      8.2 Definition of Large Leak
      8.3 Perfect Leak/Total Lines
      8.4 Good and Decent Enough Leak/Total Leak lines
      8.5 Problematic, Bad, and Horrible Leak Lines
      8.6 Mouth Breathing and Other Causes of Leaks
      8.7 Annoying Leaks
      8.8 Why are Large Leaks an Issue?

Philips CPAPs tolerate up to twice the intentional leaks. They compensate for this leak by adjusting the speed of the blower. Beyond the tolerance threshold, the DreamStation indicates that its detection is not reliable in terms of the increased level of non-intentional leaks. It then qualifies these leaks as large.

Beyond AHI: Apneas and hypopneas in the flow rate graph


Snoring Data

OSCAR snoring

Flow limitations

      11.1 OSCAR Flow Limitation
      11.2 Examples of respiratory wave form abnormalities including Flow Limitation
      11.3 OSCAR Flow Limitation Example (Resmed)

OSCAR flow limitations

OSCAR supported machines

A list of machines that are supported by OSCAR