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OSCAR - Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter
The analysis of the respiratory waveform is the heart and strength of OSCAR, whether it is reporting the results from the manufacturer or manually interpreting the displayed respiratory waveform, it is the core.

  • This help system is a work in progress. Links shown in red indicate that the specific content is yet to be added to the wiki..

OSCAR Installation and Data Migration Guide

A discussion of downloading and installing OSCAR on your PC followed by a discussion of migrating data from a previous version or from SleepyHead.

Create profile and run OSCAR for the first time

A discussion of creating a profile (required) and importing data from your CPAP's SD card.

Basic OSCAR organisation

A description of the various windows in OSCAR and the available options.

OSCAR Organization - Basic Parts of the OSCAR Window

OSCAR Organization - Welcome Page

OSCAR Organization - Profile Page

OSCAR Organization - Daily Page

OSCAR Organization - Overview Page

OSCAR Organization - Statistics Page

OSCAR Chart Organization and Screen Shot

  • For a brief tutorial on the best way to arrange your OSCAR charts for review, follow this link: OSCAR Chart Organization

OSCAR Preferences

To learn about the various changes you can make to the setup of OSCAR, see OSCAR Preferences

OSCAR supported machines

A list of machines that are supported by OSCAR

OSCAR Troubleshooting

Having troubles with OSCAR? You may find the answer here: Oscar Troubleshooting