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The time on xPAP machines are usually set at the factory. Some can be reset to the local time but others cannot. Then there is, in most locations, the twice a year time change. This wiki page will discuss if setting the clock is possible and how to do it.

CPAP clinician setup manuals can be obtained for most common CPAP machines by going to Apnea Board's CPAP Clinician Manual Page. For further assistance, patients can post questions on the Apnea Board Forum.


The time and date for a Respironics xPAP is set at the factory and cannot be changed by the user. The time is set to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). See the External Links section below to find out how to determine the time difference for your location.


ResMed xPAP time and date can be changed by the user. It involves accessing the "Clinician" section of the settings.

  1. Press the Setup button and the Push Dial (see first image below) for 3 seconds.
  2. Turn the Push Dial until you see the Options Screen (see second image below).
  3. Press the Push Dial once to select the Option Screen.
  4. Turn the Push Dial until TIME is highlighted in blue.
  5. Press the Push Dial once. The highlight should now be orange.
  6. Turn the Push Dial until the correct HOUR is displayed.
  7. Press the Push Dial once then turn dial to change MINUTES.
  8. Press the Push Dial once. The selection should change from orange to blue.
  9. The method is the same to change the date.
  10. When finished, turn the Push Dial until <<Home is selected. Press Push Dial once.
  11. Done!

Note: You must wait more than an hour after you have gotten up and turned off the machine before you try to set the clock back an hour. This will confuse the machine since it has data for that time period.

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Instructions for setting the time on other machines will be added here.

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