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0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
                Hi guys, 

I've been on a wild goose chase for finding the right mask, and I have….I think. I've tried F20 which lead to my nose bridge getting pinched, N20 mask which lead to the sides of my nose getting pimples or something weird.  I also noticed that full face masks give higher AHI than nasal masks / pillows. Then I tried F&P Evora and Vitera, the Evora...worked...but the hole was clunky and the Vitera didnt even fit my face. P10's the best seller, and apparently perfect for side sleepers, so I went with that. So... I'm out 600$ to find out the best seller really is the best.

After a month? I love it. It really is good for side sleepers. But I will not lie, I don't feel like I am waking up refreshed, even if I get a good 7+ hours of sleep (and thats an exception, i usually go to bed around 1030-11 and wake up at 5). On the F20 and N30 mask, I'd be out of bed by 5 or 5:01. On P10 mask, I might be out of bed by then but feel like I could sleep more, or I do....just sleep more. Which is reminiscent of the times before CPAP, a year+ ago. By all means, according to Resmed / MyAir, I am getting great sleep quality. Yeah, my leaks are a bit high (10-15 L/min typically), but I've read anything under 24h is genuinely fine. And...I do know that my mouth is open sometimes as I drool.

So whats going on? Is the AHI as a metric a bad one? Should I be looking at other OSCAR data? Could I be getting affected by that commonly feared CO2 recirculation from P10 masks - is that detectable by OSCAR at all? I've read threads (https://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread...ing-rested) about people modifying their P10 mask - is that something I should be doing? 

If you guys are able to, I provided you with a random sample of a few days worth of OSCAR data since I switched a month ago. If its as simple as my leaks are too high, let me know. I sometimes feel the nose piece slipping, so I dont know if that is because its too big or too small. If there's any possibility that I am breathing my my exhaled air, let me know too, and how I can verify it with data
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RE: 0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
please also include the left column when you take screenshots so we can see statistics and device settings (hide the calendar and pie chart).

did u ever feel a shortness of breath? i think that is the first sign of hypercapnia. do you notice "dirt" in the vent? i believe the only sign you'd see in oscar is an increased breathing rate but you'd need a o2/HR monitor to know for sure.

you charts look perfect as you've said so not sure how to help, maybe the leaks are waking you up even if they aren't high enough most of the time to disturb the therapy.
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RE: 0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
That does sound like high leakage. Whether it’s a factor, we wouldn’t know until you post your Oscars.

The Resmed unit will give you a smiley face even with substantial leaks, sorta like getting a “pass” on a college course when that could mean a C-.
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RE: 0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
Please read the link in my signature “Format OSCAR Charts” to get the proper formatting. It explains what and how we like to see the data. It makes it much easier for all of us.

One suggestion is to stop tilting at those particular windmills. Post the data as explained in the wiki page I linked and we can help from there.

From what I can see things look good, other than the aforementioned leaks. Look into general sleep hygiene first before spending more money on masks and such. 

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RE: 0 AHI with P10 - still waking up like I have apnea?
Remember that an event (Ca, Oa or H) has to be 10 seconds or longer to record as an event.  You may have had event and woke up before 10 seconds, those can be recorded as flow limits.  Check you chart for flow limits as these are NOT counted in the AHI.
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing
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