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Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
(02-03-2020, 12:12 AM)RayBee Wrote: sawinglogz - I bought a Contec Model CMS50I wristwatch style recording pulse oximeter. ... Are you interested, or in need of data files from this device?  I have played around with the device long enough to say that I definitely do like the design, its battery life and user interface.

Thanks, not quite yet. After the next release of OSCAR I plan to work more seriously on the oximetry import, including adding a way to record & play back communications with devices so that we can do regression testing without having to physically connect every kind of oximeter every time. Once I've got that infrastructure ready and have worked through all the samples the OSCAR team already has, I plan to put out a call for additional data.
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
(02-03-2020, 12:28 AM)spacewrench Wrote: I just pulled a fresh copy of OSCAR-code and built it on MacOS.  Loading my Dreamstation data, I get "500X110 generated data that OSCAR has never seen before."  Is this expected, or would you really like a copy of my SD card?  (Similar message on first Viatom load; maybe this is expected?)

Multiple Viatom file load seems to work OK, and the Viatom data is properly saved when OSCAR exits.  Everything looks good so far!

I have an old iPad that I think I can run the Viatom app on.  If it'll help, I'll look into methods of getting the data off of iOS.

Yes, I'd like to look at your 500X110 and Viatom data. Those messages really do mean your data is exhibiting some characteristic we haven't seen before. It's most often totally harmless, but it means we have haven't tested that particular edge case yet.

The way I managed to get data off of the iOS app was:

  1. Make an unencrypted backup of my device. (This could be through iTunes, iMazing, or iBackupViewer.)
  2. Extract the raw sqlite file for the ViHealth app (jkdb.sqlite). (iBackupViewer can do this for free, iMazing requires a license.)
  3. sqlite3 jkdb.sqlite
  4. select writefile(fileName, fileData) from DataModel;
Not exactly trivial, but at least you can get your historical data.
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
p.s. Try your Viatom data again in a new profile with the latest master. I just confirmed what the unknown field was, which may have already resolved that warning.
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
Hello, I read with great interest the issue of being able to read data from SleepU  Wellue at Oscar. I had this device, but I could not pass the data to the PC in any way. They sent me a data cable from the firm, which looked like a cross between micro-usb and mini-usb, but it wasn't either. I returned the device although I would like to know if OSCAR can import your data. The oximetry sensor is much more comfortable than the traditional finger covering sensor. It does not come out. The Android application is too small and I don't see the readings. It has a privacy problem that I do not like and that is for the app to work on Android you have to have the location on. Why?. In the firm they don't give me an explanation, they just say "we won't see your data". So why is it necessary?
Synthesizing, apart from this inconvenience about the location, I like the device for the convenience of the sensor. 
Can I see the data in OSCAR ?. 
Thank you.
PS I hope it is understood, I use an automatic translator, my language is not English.
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
My device is similar to the SleepU, but I think an earlier version.  I use it with Android, and I download the data files from Android to my PC for import into OSCAR.

Android requires location enabled for apps that use Bluetooth communication.  Other than that, I don't think the Wellue app uses location.

If you can transfer files from your Android device to your PC, then you should be able to import the data into OSCAR.

The Wellue Android app keeps a big database of all data, but when you display a graph of a session, it also makes a separate data file containing just that data.  The data file is stored in /sdcard/PlusebitO2CN and has a name like the date: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.  That is the file that OSCAR can load.

Good luck!
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RE: Se ha añadido un nuevo importador de oxímetro de pulso...
Hello, thank you very much for your answer. In my android mobile there is a folder called Vihealth in which there are several files with the format you comment: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. These files do NOT have an extension, for example .spo .spor, etc ...
There is also another file, pulsebitO2.db, which I suppose is the database.
I copy that ViHealth folder to the PC. I open OSCAR and in the oximetry section in "import from a data file saved by another program" I point to that folder ... OSCAR responds that it is empty, because the files that you can open are .spo .spor .spo2 .dat
None of my files have that extension.
Maybe there is something I do wrong and can you help me?
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
The currently released version of OSCAR does not import the O2 ring data. The next release, probably within a month, will be able to import the data.
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
That is great news. To all that worked on this Thank you very much
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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
Hi Everyone,

I have the O2 Ring as well and have been using it along with my CPAP every night.

I am able to download the data to the windows program using their cable, and export the datafile in a .CSV format.

I then wrote a program in R to read in the O2 Ring data and convert it to the Somnopose data format.  I swapped the orientation and inclination data for the SpO2 and Pulse data.  Also changed the date to the appropriate timestamp and reformatted the time and date to appropriate values.
The format is available on their website.  I then saved it to a .csv file.

I then tried to import the somnopose.csv file into Oscar, and it seemed like it went but I could not find any oximetry data in Oscar.  I am guessing that I probably have to tell Oscar that there is a Somnopose associated with the profile, but not sure where or how.  

Any thoughts how to get this to import?  I see there will be an O2Ring importer in next version, so perhaps its not worth the extra work at this point, but I was hoping it would be an easy import after I converted the data O2 Ring data file to the Sonopose format.

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RE: Added a new pulse oximeter importer...
I only worked (a little) on the direct Viatom importer, but IIRC I copied the Somnopose code because it looked like a reasonably close starting point.  I had the same problem: after an import, OSCAR would show the data, but it wouldn't be saved through a stop/restart cycle.  @sawinglogz figured out what was wrong and fixed it, but the fix is not in the official OSCAR release yet.  I don't know whether the fix took care of any problem in the Somnopose code too, but one way or another, you should be good to go when the new version is out.
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