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AirTouch F20 pain!
AirTouch F20 pain!
Hello Forum, first time long time lol....

So I've been using an APAP for a little over a year now. When I got set up by my respiratory therapist (who is no longer in business anymore) handed me a Philips Dreamwear Full Face and sent me into the wild with it. Basically, he said "here, everyone likes these" hooked up the test, and when he saw that it sealed, he sent me on my way. 

But the Dreamwear mask isn't really my complaint, I actually liked it pretty well for a good long while, but I've had 2 reconstructive surgeries on my nose and the pressure of it pushing up against my septum wasn't really great, especially since I'm a side sleeper (so the pillow adds to it a bit). 

Enter the AitTouch F20. I tried it on a whim (and out of pocket). I actually really like the memory foam cushion, although I do think it would really benefit from some venting like the front of the Dreamwear so it won't condensate from exhalation so much while you sleep. 

Ok, so finally to my point....I searched the threads, and I see a lot of people complaining about nose bridge pain, but they are never very descriptive so I can't tell if I'm having the same issue. The AirTouch F20 really hurts my forehead, like right in between my eye brows (where my uni-brow would be). The apex of the nose area of the cushion digs right into that brow ridge with the hard plastic of the cushion. Like, I don't have a caveman brow or anything, but it leaves a giant upside down 'u' mark on my forehead every morning that stays sore throughout the day. I don't see a piece of medical tape helping that!

I've tried both large and medium size cushions, but there isn't a ton of difference (except that the medium size really squeezes the actual bridge of my nose and makes my ALREADY difficult nose breathing even more difficult). Both of the sizes have a super high nose arch that digs into my brow, but the large is a little wider at least so I stick to that one. 

All of that being said, I want to keep using the mask but I just don't know a way to fix this. Any suggestions for other full face masks? My online shopping has really only shown a couple of options and those have a forehead support piece that I've never had before, but looks miserable in the pictures. I hate that most of the shops won't accept returns of medical equipment so there is no way to try on masks without wasting $150ish bucks at a time. 


Thanks for reading.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
Hi docwayne,
Welcome to Apnea Board!

Try shopping the Supplier list at the top of page.  
Supplier #1 and others offer 30 day free trials on masks.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
Hi, docwayne  There are also full face masks that fit under the nose while still covering the mouth.  The ResMed AirFit F30i is one such example.  There are reviews on YouTube and probably also on this site.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
I used an AirFit F20 and an AirFit F30 with good results. Seems like the foam on the others just doesn't last all that long.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
I moved from the air fit 20 to the air touch 20 and I really like the "touch" even though it is insanely more expensive.

Is it possible you have it on too tight?  YMMV but I think you have to set up the "touch" much more loosely than the "fit".

When I put on the mask, and after I attach the first of the bottom magnetic catches, I smooth the headgear everywhere, so it conforms to my head; then I attach the second of the two magnetic catches.  In order to do that I have to tighten the second strap ONLY 1/4" to 3/8" -----about half of the diameter of the fitting on the frame part of the headgear.  I can always tell when the headgear has stretched too much because I only have to tighten the second strap 1/8"!  That is when the mask starts to leak too much for me.  YMMV but you should give a try to really loosening up the mask headgear so that the mask is just on the verge of leaking and you have lots of foam at the nose bridge.  I mention this procedure so that you can compare your "tightness".  Of course, everyone has their procedure; there is nothing special about mine. 

Also you could try using the touch every other night to let it regain its shape and texture.

when I have mine on my head the foam is drawn completely under the silicone so that the silicone almost touches my face everywhere except at the bridge of my nose.  at the bridge, there is about 1/4" of foam between the silicone and the skin of my nose bridge.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
(10-27-2022, 04:05 PM)Lucid Wrote: Hi, docwayne  There are also full face masks that fit under the nose while still covering the mouth.  The ResMed AirFit F30i is one such example.  There are reviews on YouTube and probably also on this site.

Yeah, that's what the Dreamwear is, but like I said, the pressure pushing up isn't great so over the nose works better.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
No expert here but love the airtouch20, I think if it is hitting between your eyebrows it might be too big for your face. I know you said out of pocket. I hear ya it's expensive. If you still have packaging around there is a guide to measure your face for the correct fit. 

Not sure where you are from but my local CVS pharmacy has CPAP supplies. Maybe check at local pharm or medical supply shop, if you no longer have packaging, there maybe a card there to measure with.

The pain everyone is talking about is the bridge of your nose where the mask hits the ridge. I have found the foam version is the most comfortable of all. I believe this is the one you have, again still a novice so if I am wrong sorry. The other version is just the silicone and it gets sore for a while until you build up a tolerance.

hope this is helpful.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
I tried the AirFit F20.  It was very comfortable at the bridge of the nose but the slick and tacky mask caused a rash so back to F10.
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RE: AirTouch F20 pain!
the airfitf20 is better, I've tried both and the airtouch large cushion hurts my nose too.
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