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Airfit F30 (again)
Airfit F30 (again)
I use and like the Airfit P30i. My AHI is generally around 1 with it. But it leaks more than I'd like. Not bad, usually around 10 per minute. Last night I took out my old favorite, the F30, which stopped working for me a while ago (huge leaks). Anyway, it's just one night, but my leaks were much better---and my AHI was much higher (3.1). This has been a pattern with me: nasal pillows tend to address events better than a FFM. 

So: the F30 was comfortable and working again. Possibly I could raise pressure. I did remember to switch the machine to FFM from pillows. But if this continues, which is better: a higher AHI with fewer leaks, or the the nasal pillows with better AHI and more leaks? 

I feel like I slept well.
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
I've been using a P30i for about 2 weeks -- so not an expert on it, but I'm having very low leak rates reported (like "0" other than a few seconds here and there, where it spikes to 6-7 when I'm moving around). 

Is your leak rate of 10 constant?  Or just spikes during the night?  Could it be mouth leaks (i.e., any dry mouth in morning)?  The AS10 can certainly compensate for a 10, so therapy will still be fine as long as the leaks aren't causing noise/discomfort that's disturbing your sleep.  If it is comfortable, AHI is lower, and you feel better in the morning, then that leak rate isn't a huge problem.  But it would be good to get it lower.

What size pillows are you using?  You might test going up a size (or down a size if already using Large).   I always used Medium pillows for my other Resmed pillows (with Swift LT and FX), but am getting slightly better results with Large pillows with the P30i.

How does your P30i frame fit?  Depending on where the frame fits on your head, it can change the angle of the pillows a little. There's a fit guide in the user manual, which shows what Resmed considers "too far forward" and "too far back".  For my head, both the Small and Standard frames were within those limits.  I used the Small for a week, then switched to the Standard -- and for me, the Standard provided good seal with looser straps (more comfortable) due to the slightly different pillow angle.
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
What triggered the AHI numbers ?  Take a look in Oscar (or post the oscar screenshot)
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
So I've had two (three?) more nights with the F30. I found a newer cushion; that helped. The same pattern that I've noticed over the years occurred: fewer leaks, higher AHI, way more minutes with apneas. Last night, I upped the minimum pressure to 8.2 and the max to 16 (I'd hit the ceiling of my former max pressure the night before.) Voila, brilliant night, ahi of .36, leak rate excellent. So, I'll see if this continues. If so, I think I prefer this mask to the P30i.

Kaiser only lets you have one mask on file with their supplier. This is so patients don't abuse the 80% discount on masks and cushions. I keep changing masks! I'll see.
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
I can't recall how to download a daily report to my own computer. I can remember how to upload it once that's done. any hints?
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)

It was as easy as hitting the F12 button all along! sheesh.
edit well I still have to learn how to post multiple images. The attachment shows my one good night with the F30, after I raised the minimum pressure from 7.2. But it went downhill. Also, I had way more events than with my P30i, and spent more time in apnea too. I'm back to the P30i.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
With the EPR on 3 and the APAP minimum set to 8.2, you would be receiving an exhale (EPAP) pressure of 5.2 when the auto-pressure allows it to drift down there.  Most of your OA events look to be around 5.2-6.5 range (on exhale) ?
To my untrained eye, Im thinking decrease your EPR to 1. This would give you a basement of 7.2 (on exhale) and might help with the centrals ?
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)
Since you got clusters of OAs (which doesn't surprise me to see with FFM usage), do you wear a cervical collar? A cervical collar would likely rid of the clusters of OA. You're better off getting on masks that isn't full-face. Nasal, cradles, pillows, etc..
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RE: Airfit F30 (again)

Thanks to Dave and Alligator...and I never thought I'd write that!--both interesting observations. In fact, my Oscar chart went sideways with the F30 and last night I was back on the P30i. This seems to be my pattern: it get leaks with a nasal mask or pillows, I tape, I wear the cervical collar, they persist but my AHI is good with no centrals. Then I want to bring down the leaks and I revert to a FFM. My AHI goes up, I have lot more events, but the leaks go down.

I should just settle on the P30i and leave well enough alone. At least I remembered how to post a screen shot!

edit. wait apparently not! This is three shots of one screen. It's from last night with the P30i. It's not at all typical. I usually have a smoother profile and fewer events. this shot is sorta ugly.
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