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Airmini users, connection question?
Airmini users, connection question?

I have a brand new Airmini for travel (motorcycle) in addition to my Airsense 11 for home.

If anyone else has an Airmini I have a couple of questions about it.

I have the "AirMini" app on a current Samsung S20 android phone.  I have no issue with pairing it to the Airmini and seeing my results.
The issue I have is every time I want to reconnect the app to the Airmini to see the limited data it provides I have to go through the entire
bluetooth pairing exercise.   This seems silly for an expensive device as I have $20 bluetooth speakers that once paired, remember
the pairing and simply connect when powered on, why not this device?

I do note that the "blue" light on the Airmini stays on all of the time, whether the app is connected or not.  Yet when I start up the app and touch the connect button, nothing happens, the Airmini is never found.   So I have to go through the entire pairing excercise yet again.  Is this normal or do I have a defective unit?

I did contact Resmed support and they were promptly unhelpful.  Suggested I delete and retry it all again, which I have done
a number of times.

If you have an Airmini,  can you advise how yours works via Bluetooth and your device?

Thank you.

Bob H.
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?

I can tell you how my AirMini works with my Samsung Ultra S20.  Horribly.

The bluetooth implementation from Resmed on this device is atrocious.  If my phone strays out of range of the AirMini (which happens every day as I go about my life), then it disconnects and I have to reconnect it by pressing the bluetooth button on the AirMini.  Enter in the code (which is now emblazoned in my head) and it works again...

Such a great little machine ruined by a poor implementation of bluetooth.  But hey, think about it, a medical device that even has bluetooth is cutting edge in the industry!  Too-funny  OK, maybe slightly sarcastic...

My workaround was just to set the autostart and autostop so i don't need to press the start button, or the app.  As a results, I was able to use the AirMini mounting adapters to fix it to the back of my nightstand which means it's out of sight AND I won't pull it off the nightstand (it's very light).

Most of the time I can tell if I slept well or not, but can always reach around and re-connect with the App to verify.

BTW, I like the fact that the AirMini gives you the max pressure as part of it's metrics.  For some reason MyAir with the AS11 does NOT do this.  BUT, the implementation of bluetooth on the AS11 is MUCH better and I don't suffer from the disconnect issues....

I'm a firm believer that the future of medical care is at home, and will be enabled by blue-tooth connected and integrated devices through an App on your phone.  Imagine correlating and integrating an O2 device with CPAP with the sleep monitor of your wristwatch with the oxygen concentrator??  Constant monitoring of each of the sensors with real-time reaction, and escalation of issues to your Doctor?  Would be nice!
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
I find similar connectivity issues with my iPhone 7. I find that powering off the AirMini by pulling the plug and leaving it sit for 10 seconds is enough to get it connected when powering it back on. It's a minor nuisance, but one I can live with.
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
Thank you both for  confirming what I suspected.  The BT implementation of the Airmini is awful.  Amazing that a $20 BT speaker can remember its pairing but a premium priced device that demands a BT connection to function does not.    Once you shut down the app you have to start all over AGAIN.   That, and the extremely limited data it provides are the most frustrating aspects.  It actually functions extremely well otherwise.

As for the AS 11 not showing pressure like the mini it actually does.. just change the setting for your AS 11 reports. I think that is under the clinical
settings.. Once set you get a much more detailed report on the AS11 LCD screen along with AHI, OA & CA stats, hours, pressure (apparently 95th percentile)  used, etc.

Bob H.
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
Bob, I have a ResMed AirMini as well and I too have had issues with the device losing pairing with my Apple iPhone.  When I attempt to re-connect, it often is difficult for the AirMini to show up in the app.  After several tries, it works.  All in all, I'm happy with the machine but wish I could download my sleep data myself without relying on a clinician or supplier.  Good luck!
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
I likewise would like to see more detailed data and haven't asked my supplier  as yet if they would provide it for me.
I have an AS 11 with an SD card so I have detailed data when I am at home.  The main reason I bought the mini is my wife & I travel
for extended periods by motorcycle so space is at a premium hence the Airmini.  
The connection issues and lack of any substantive data are its main shortcomings.  It works well for my intended purpose but I personally don't see
how anyone would ever use this other than casually since you have so little data available to you.

Thanks for letting me know your experience.  I have a dialogue with Resmed tech support on the pairing issue.  I have specifically asked
if they intend to update the device firmware to address the BT connection issues.  They initially indicated that its just me, or maybe
just my device.  Clearly that is not the case and I've advised them that the problem is with both Android & IOS.  If I learn of anything of value
from them I will post their response.

Bob H
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
I have my AirMini paired with a Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 and also have problems with it re-connecting. I have found that restarting my phone seems to do the trick (and... restarting your phone from time-to-time is good practice anyway.)
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RE: Airmini users, connection question?
Thanks for the reply.  I can reconnect to the Airmini without powering either my phone or the device off.  Its just that each renewed connection requires one to go through the entire pairing process AGAIN.   This seems to be extremely poor functionality for a premium priced device given I have numerous other inexpensive BT devices that only need an initial pairing and they reconnect just fine.

I had an ongoing dialogue by email with Resmed on this "glitch" but when asked if they intend to update their firmware to resolve this issue they have gone silent.  If I get any further response I'll pass it along. 

Bob H
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