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Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
I noticed 2 sleep sessions in a row that my machine is shortchanging me on my sleep data.   I slept 7.5 hours the other night and machine recording it as 5.5 hours.  Last night I slept a whopping 9.25 hours and machine said I only slept 7 hours.   My OSCAR data shows a void in the middle of the sleep session with no data.  I have included a screen shot .   Is this a software issue or do I need to take machine back to DME provider?   Please help !

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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
When I turn off my ResMed 11 and get up to go to the toilet, OSCAR shows the same break in data recording. And your pressure graph looks like the machine is starting up again, when the data recording resumes. Is there any chance that the machine is off for that time (and you perhaps slept through that)? Do you have the automatic stop function on, perhaps? And then toss your mask off while you sleep?

The pattern looks more like the machine itself turned off rather than that the machine kept running but the data recording function turned off.
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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
Turn smart start off - many people have had problems with this.

One suggestion - min 7, the way you have it set now your EPR is set to 3 but can only run on one because your min is 5.
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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
No i get up to pee and keep the mask on andpee in a bucket next to my bed. ( I know it is not what most people would do )- I do it so I don’t have a bunch of mask on and off showing.   I don’t believe the machine is off when I get out of bed.
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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
You look to have created a major leak (pun intended) when you hopped out of bed still hooked up. See the full-height uptick on Leak Rate? Depending, the machine could shut itself off. The machine is definitely not blowing into your mask during that big gap.

Turn off SmartStart.

Like you, I don’t like to take my mask off once it’s situated. I have a slightly different protocol when nature calls. Perhaps it will work better for you. I disconnect my mask from the hose. I leave the mask on. I turn the blower off, but leave the machine on. When I return, I hook up my mask to the hose, and turn the blower back on.

It did take me a while to get out of the habit failing to hook back into the hose or simply throwing the mask off, but now I always get it correct. I sometimes have to re-situate my mask very slightly on return (the mask moves when you stand up while wearing it), and sometimes on the return, I’ll wipe down my face with the evening’s mask wipe to eliminate sweat and body oils. The mask practically glues onto my face when I do that; I can go to sleep again very quickly without a whisper of noise from my mask.
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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
Great advice.  How do you turn the blower off?
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RE: Airsense 11 not capturing all my sleep time data
@sleepingbetter... I have an Aircurve and not an Airsense, and can't recall whether the buttons are the same. However, I use this sequence for pee breaks: leave mask on; unhook hose; reach and hit the on/off button, not in the middle (i.e. the unit stays on, the blower goes off); hop out of bed; pee; hop back in; re-attach hose; reach and hit the on/off/button, not in the middle; doublecheck on the display that the pressure is actually on (I have been known to miss this step); conk out. I do all of this while pretending I'm mostly still asleep. No lights. Night light in the bathroom.

I also have a hanger for my hose on the headboard. I know exactly where it is so I can detach from the hose quickly.
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