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Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
After about a week in my new CPAP I woke up with dizziness bordering on vertigo. Has anyone else had this problem?
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I have suffered from vertigo for 20+ years, but can't say that xPAP use over the last couple of years has caused any flare ups.  Although some users seem to be more sensitive than others and have reported some dizziness issues.

It may be worth discussing it with your Dr, and ask about the "epley maneuver" which may help you.  Especially if it is happening regularly.

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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I didn't have this experience, but I've only been doing CPAP for a few weeks, so maybe I have it to come. Still, vertigo is a very common problem, with dozens of potential causes. In my view, sudden unexplained vertigo is something that needs to be checked out. The Epley maneuver works well for positional vertigo, which probably accounts for 90% of instances. But I think you'd also need to consider anemia, electrolyte disturbances, and a bunch of other things that are hard to test for at home. I've also read that CPAP can sometimes cause significant drops in blood pressure, which would need to be followed up by a CPAP expert.

It's probably nothing but, in my view, it needs to be checked out.

Best wishes, DS
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
It's possible that CPAP can cause pressure in your middle ear - normally that's just pressure or popping, or a feeling of fullness. But technically that could cause some dizziness if you're particularly prone to it. It's not common though.
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
Yes I had about three weeks of severe vertigo when I first started APAP, but it went away thank goodness
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I have been using CPAP religiously for 25 years. Never missed a night. On Monday of this week I dreamed the room was spinning. I awakened to vertigo with the room seemingly spinning. After a couple of seconds I became oriented and it stopped. Then last night I went to bed and the vertigo happened again for a few seconds as I was starting to fall asleep. I have read articles about a connection between apnea vertigo. I'm just wondering if others have made a direct connection to vertigo and a defective CPAP or other related connection. My machine is 6 to 8 years old but I don't know of a specific fault, other than the humidifier heater no longer works. I am going in next week to get a prescription for a new one. I hope this issue does not persists, but looking for any info from other CPAP users.
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I don't think it is related to your machine.  More than likely it has to do with pressure in the inner ear. I experienced this when first starting CPAP several months ago.  It was severe, even occurring when I turned over from one side to the other.  But it went away in a few weeks.  I have allergy issues, so when they cleared up, it disappeared. If it continues you need to consult your physician because it can be a sign of other conditions.
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I discovered my vertigo was triggered by high blood pressure. Doctors thought it was BPPV, but treating the blood pressure ended the vertigo. Hope you discover your cause.
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I have not been here too much lately because of a severe case of vertigo recently.
It occurred 6 weeks ago this past Thursday and was so bad I had to call 911.  I have had vertigo before but nothing like this.  I woke up 6am or so and proceeded to start any typical day.
I sleep on my right side and after shutting off the alarm, I rolled over on to my back and swung my left arm to turn off the CPAP machine. When I returned/ rolled back over to fully rise, I sensed that familiar indicator of the upcoming free merry- go- round ride.
I was first introduced to vertigo about 10 years ago when I took a check playing hockey that dropped me to the ice.  Teammates later related that my eyes were kinda' rolling around in my head. I had the wind knocked out of me pretty good and bruised a couple of ribs.  One Epley appointment solved the spins right quick.  
Since that time I have had a few episodes out of the blue if, for instance, I were to turn my head too quickly.  No big deal, I would just "ride it out."  A couple of years ago,  I do not recall if I was on CPAP or not, but some time ago I had a morning episode.  The weird thing is:  it did not immediately appear to me to be actual vertigo... there was no real dizziness;  I thought I had the flu.  I thought it was a stomach bug because of the nausea (but no spin cycles!)  That time was the first time I ever threw up from vertigo and was quite surprised when the doctor told me that it was the cause of the pukes!
This most recent attack that occurred a month and a half ago was so severe-  right from the very moment I opened my eyes.  I distinctly remember both of my eyes were bouncing side- to- side quite rapidly... almost as if to try and find some sort of a stable bearing point.

When past episodes would flair up I was at least able to get around.  This one literally floored me.  I could barely crawl to the bathroom and then the kitchen to grab the phone.  I knew I would be calling into work, but never thought I would be reaching out for medical attention.  I was retching about every 10- 15 minutes for the next few hours including when the EMT's were here and all the way to and in the ER.  I do not mean to be graphic,  but the convulsions were occurring so regularly, except nothing to expel.   I definitely knew it was vertigo, only this time it was not ceasing in any fashion.
I was stabilized with some IV saline and anti- nausea medicine and was discharged around 2pm that afternoon; I was able to walk to my ride home.  I was woozy but at least upright.  This positive outlook would not last long.
Later that evening and into the early afternoon of the following Friday I was in the throws of more dry-heave convulsions. Just as severe only now spaced out to about every 45-60 minutes or so.  I was getting concerned about how intense and the longevity of this bout... and the potential for dehydration.  The violence finally stopped and I lugged it out for the next three days.  I was able start keeping some seltzer down.  I could finally walk but very, very carefully, needing a wall or something else nearby to steady myself.  I did this until the next Monday when I was sating the now on-coming hunger pangs with half a slice of bread. I forced myself to tough it out after 5 days of staying in bed.  It seemed the only way I found some relief during that time was propped up with a mild wedge pillow.
My GP doctor was able to see me the following week to which she recommended an inner-ear specialist.  Oh, I must also mention that an MRI was taken in the ER... all was OK, there was nothing in my head (pun Wink)  I brought up Meniere's Disease but my doctor dismissed it as those criteria were not my case.
The inner ear doctor indicated that my symptom are not BPPV related.  Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that BPPV is the inner ear stuff, right? She further went on to say that I have some type of "vestibular/ sensory" kind of disorder.  My physical therapy consists of eye- type motions and balancing exercises.
I am doing OK;  I have made some changes:  I have stopped drinking coffee, cold turkey.  I have also cut down (eliminated) the Wild Turkey… and other mashes.  I have at minimum tripled my daily water intake.  I have read that, while not causing it, that dehydration does not help vertigo.  I have also read that not getting quality sleep can "not help" with vertigo.  I have a sleep study scheduled for the end of the month.
I know this response is long- winded, thanks for listening if you made it this far.
When I was into the third day of the worst of it, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever cease.  It would really suck if that severity lasted much longer than it did.
Has anyone had a severe case similar to that which I describe?  My PT therapist said that, while dealing with many vertigo and head trauma patients, she had never seen a case as bad as me.
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RE: Anyone Experienced Vertigo The Morning After?
I too have experienced vertigo in the morning. Not as bad as what you described, but enough to be down for a couple days. While I am not convinced the CPAP is directly responsible, I do feel it’s the final trigger. 

Here are my thoughts:
I am very active physically and am in the process of clearing my property from palmetto bushes with an “ax maddock” (pick ax, or grub hoe) and a 6 foot iron bar. (Post hole setting tool.) I know, “why would I do that.” It’s cheaper than going to the gym. This process is very head jarring and hard on my neck. 

I understand as you get older, your brain shrinks. If this is true, then there would be room for it to rattle around. Also, it can move the crystals around in your inner ear. Hence the need to stay hydrated. I also wonder if you can give yourself a concussion this way. 

Anyway, when I take a break (several days) it clears up. I believe it’s related to the inner ear and what happened the day before. Head position, hydration, physical activity and/or CPAP. Remember the days as a child when you would put your head on a bat and spin? ?
CPAP is a journey like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a long slow journey. You will face many problems and pick up many friends along the way. Just because you reach the poppies, it doesn’t mean you are in Kansas. 
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