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Best Oxygen Concentrator?
Best Oxygen Concentrator?
I just got a prescription for an oxygen concentrator to attach to my CPAP and was wondering which device people recommend / generally go with?
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
It depends on what your insurance will pay for and what the script says. Do you need a 24/7 portable O2 or just an overnight unit? Will you need anything for travel? This gets complicated since you can't take O2 bottles on an airplane, but the battery operated pumps are ok for travel.

If it's an overnight unit, it will be a small suitcase sized unit that is very noisy. I keep mine in a closet with a 25' hose to my bed and cpap unit. Luckily, I have a closet door to shut and knock down the noise.

I have significant overseas work related travel, so I'm pretty screwed. My script is only for overnight, so my O2 pump stays home while I pack the cpap in my luggage.
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
Yes, the prescription is for overnight, do I need a special one for a travel unit? Maybe I can check if I can get one written since I do also travel a lot. Any disadvantage to travel units (when used at home)?

You mentioned the units are very loud - is it a persistent (“white noise”) type of sound or does it make inconsistent noises that wake you up? Anything to compare the noise to?

Any experience w/ different units and which one is best?
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
Since your script is for an overnight unit, then it won't matter asking which is best since your insurance and medical equip supplier will give you what they stock with what the script says.

My unit outputs a max 5L/min of flow, and is the size of a small/medium suitcase. It's what my supplier gave me with a cpap hose adapter.

For traveling and/or 24/7 coverage, you need a small portable unit or an oxygen bottle that you see people with pulmonary ailments use. See above; your insurance will only give you an overnight unit. You can't take O2 bottles on an airplane or checked baggage- it's a bomb waiting to explode.

Not a white noise- it's an air pump like a compressor. It's way too loud to keep next to your bed.
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
I don’t use a concentrator, but my mother-in-law does, 24/7, and she also uses CPAP at night.

Your prescribed flow rate is going to determine your options and cost. Small and portable with a high flow rate is the most difficult combination.

With a prescription, you can buy whatever you want (within the limits of the Rx) if you are willing to pay out of pocket.

For me, the total out of pocket cost for the rent-to-own deal imposed by the insurance company for CPAP was much higher than just buying it outright. I don’t know if that’s true for O2 use as well.
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
Another consideration may be heat generated by the unit due to power consumption. Our stationary oxygen concentrator uses an average of 310 watts -- and thus produces the heat that would be produced by three 100-watt light bulbs. This is enough to raise the temperature of the bedroom considerably. I find it uncomfortable, but maybe that's just me.

We have had concentrators made by Invacare and by DeVilbiss. The DeVilbiss seems to be the better machine. Invacare would die annually. DeVilbiss is 3 years old and going strong.

Since you only need oxygen at night, MAYBE you can use a portable oxygen concentrator. If so, you can take it on the plane. We use Inogen G3 and they are built like tanks. I suggest asking about this. They also make less noise and generate less heat. The G3 weighs about 6 pounds with the double-size battery.
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RE: Best Oxygen Concentrator?
I will ask about this, I have a follow up appointment soon, thanks!
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