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[CPAP] Cheyne Stokes Respiration
Cheyne Stokes Respiration
I'm new to this group but have been on a CPAP for about 6 years. I just started using Oscar and see that it's showing that I'm in Cheyenne Stokes Respiration multiple time a night. Most are 30 minutes long or longer. After reading what that is I'm concerned. I have been extremely tired and not really wanting to do much lately. Something odd is I'll have days when I feel really good and have energy to work around the house and yard all day. That may last 1-2 days and then I'm back to feeling really tired. Looking back at some history, there are nights where no CSP is reported. I checked and the nights before I had good days recently, the CSP time was less than what seems to be typical. Could that be causing my extreme fatigue? Any suggestions for how to remedy this problem?

Just in case it matters:
I'm sleeping 7-8 hors a night according to my Apple watch
I'm 70 years old, Male. I had a stroke in late 2017 and fully recovered. I'm 6'2" 230 lbs.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
The term Cheyenne Strokes Respiration is not what it sounds - basically it is uneven breathing not anything serious in most cases.  If you are concerned you could talk to your Dr. about it.

To give you any suggestions we need to see the data of your nights sleep.   We get that data from OSCAR which is totally free to down load and use (open source) from the top of this site.  You will need a SD card in the machine while you sleep to record all of the data. (size 2 to I believe 32 GB) Get the data and put it attached to a post and we will try to help.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
Left off the screen shot from Oscar

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
    Thank you for your response. I added the screen shot from Oscar.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
Could you give us a zoomed in view of some of the regions labelled CSR?

You may have developed central sleep apnea at some point. I think that its common for people with strokes to develop central apnea. The treatment for CSR/CA is an ASV. Its a type of BiPAP that has a backup and forces your breathing to remain consistent.

It is common for central apnea to be inconsistent night to night. There may be some nights that have none, while other nights are horrible.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
Welcome to ApneaBoard.  Like Stacey said, OSCAR data can give a lot of information to try to help.  Most of the Cheyne-Stokes respirations reported here in OSCAR are false.  A very rare few are true (especially people with congestive heart failure or a significant heart problem).  

Would you mind posing a close up OSCAR or 2 of a 3 minute zoom right in the middle of your CA clusters on your chart?  Simply place the cursor around the start of the CA's and drag it to the left for about 3 minutes or so of time and upload those images here.  


This is what cheyne-stokes respirations can look like. And most importantly like Stacey said, show all of this to your Dr.'s (especially Cardiologist).

Great points by Sleeprider and jcp519 also to consider.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
Talbertc, you not only have periodic breathing that is flagged as Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (CSR), but also an abundance of central apnea. Your obstructive sleep apnea has changed, perhaps as a result of the stroke to central sleep apnea disorder. This can be treated using a different positive air pressure device called an Adaptive Servo Ventilator (ASV). Many of our members use this device for complex and central apnea. This wiki article discusses how ASV works https://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.ph...tion_(ASV)

Your next step need to be to schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss your onset of central sleep apnea, and possible titration for ASV. It would be a good idea to schedule an EKG to evaluate left ventricular ejection fraction, as this is a common test to determine heart health and is a common prerequisite to prescribing ASV. Your CPAP cannot treat this condition. It is possible you may mitigate this problem (have fewer events) if you turn down the EPR setting to 1 or off.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
You apap is definitely correctly identifying CSR. I had that also several times a week, but for not as long. ASV will definitely stop CSR. I have one, and don't have CSR or central apneas anymore, and definitely feel much better.
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RE: Cheyenne Stokes Respiration
I agree with Steve. That looks like typical CSR to me. I think an ASV would be your best option for treatment.
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