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[CPAP] Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
So here I am, in my early 60's been diagnosed with Sleep Apena based on observation and then a sleep study in 2007. I HAVE been a very dedicated CPAP user, using a Resmed Airsense with humidifier, Quattro full face Lg mask and heated tube. Up until about several weeks ago, I was a dedicated, satisfied user with very little issues at all. Then one night, while drifting off, I felt a sense of dread, seemed to struggle for air and took one or two more stabs at it that night, but ended up not using it because of an incredible amount of anxiety associated with it. several unfruitful nights later, I realized I needed help and went to my local supplier and switched maskes to a resmed mask that covers the mouth and only the lower part of the nose with pillows. I've taken several tries Huh at it, but with only a handful of exceptions, I'm sleeping (sort of) without it, and I feel like CRAP! What happened to me, and how can I fix it?  I am in a worse fog each day, like a battery only getting half charged.
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
For help with CPAP settings, post some OSCAR charts. The links for downloading OSCAR and formatting the charts to post is in my signature. Until we can see charts the best one can do is guess. 

Your existential dread around using CPAP is not a CPAP issue. Consulting a medical professional seems the appropriate next step.
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
(06-02-2024, 11:49 AM)PeaceLoveAndPizza Wrote: Your existential dread around using CPAP is not a CPAP issue.

And THAT is what I was most afraid of. I'm not even sure what KIND of doctor to see? One thing I've tried is to keep the mask on without any tubing, and that seems"okay", but slap the tubing on and within a few minutes, even while kind of focusing on "not focusing", I get a wave of dread and it's mask off within about 1-2 minutes...
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
I am very new at this, and I can't believe that I'm posting a suggestion for someone else, but at one point I posted something very similar to your post. If you look at my very long therapy thread, on page 4, Sleeprider suggested that my problem was anxiety. I realized that this was true, and I managed to alleviate it by deliberately keeping myself calm as bedtime approached and by listening to a sleep meditation while falling asleep (I used a free app, Insight). Since then I no longer have anxiety. I hope this helps!
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
I suggest starting with your GP to discuss bedtime anxiety. From there they can recommend the path forward. 

We all run into things that at times in our lives make us anxious. The beat path forward from there is not the macho toughing it out. Seek help from professionals and things will work out.
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
Here's another thought.  If you can convince yourself to sleep one more night with your machine tonight, we may be able to help you FEEL better while you sleep by helping you adjust your settings to be more comfortable.  To do so you would need to download Oscar, a free program that produces wonderful charts showing each night's sleep.  Make sure you have a 2-32GB SD card inserted into your machine, and sleep.  The next morning you can post a screenshot from which we can maybe help you have much better, more comfortable sleep.  Is it worth a try?
Machine:  ResMed AirCurve 10 Vauto
Mask:  Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
OMCHamlin - I read your post and the first thing that comes to mind is, what is your pressure or pressure range. Since the Resmed is designed for adolescents to adults, the starting pressure of 4 cm will provide an adult with a feeling of air starvation. Most adults usually need a staring pressure of 7 to 8 cm to obtain a feeling of normalcy. This may not be your case, but I thought I would mention it for your consideration.
- Red
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
Would you mind filling out the detail on your avatar? It makes it easier to see at a glance what you're working with.

Your situation sounds like a pain in the butt, especially when you've been cruising along all this time.

Did you happen to just get a new machine? For some strange reason, I have a button that works differently on my new machine. I spent one night almost suffocating.

But, yes, post your Oscars. Your sleep position might impacting your sleep, too, even with a slight change. This often shows up on an Oscar.

I believe you can resolve this one way or another....
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
OMCHamlin - what is your pressure or pressure range.  Answer: Set currently at Min: 7, Max: 20
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RE: Developed Aversion to CPAP!?
Okay, I have downloaded OSCAR and will flail my way through setting this up. I believe I have a card I can use. I've posted what info I can right now, it's clear that OSCAR data is key, so I'll get that soon.

I have been able to get about another hour and a half with CPAP engaged. Otherwise, I dutifully go to bed, try to "center" myself, get all arranged (someone asked, I am a side sleeper), put one or the other mask on (FF Quatro or Resmed half face) and just hang there and try to watch TV and chill out. I seem to get extremely anxious and end up bailing out of my gear.

Now, when I wake up without CPAP, I awaken all darn night long, my mouth is dry as a desert and I'm often anxious and just get up for an hour or so. This is a crappy situation, especially when I'm a long term successful user and I KNOW that I need CPAP. That only adds to the stress...
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