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CPAP for snoring without apnea
CPAP for snoring without apnea
I don't actually have sleep apnea, but I do have narcolepsy. I take a medication at night that causes me to snore (Xyrem), but I don't have sleep apnea. I see my sleep specialist every six months and have done the at home test which found no apnea, and I had no apnea on my most recent lab sleep study, although it was before I started this medication.

The snoring doesn't bother me but is to the point where my partner can't sleep in the same room with me (we moved into a two bedroom for that reason). I've tried a variety of other snoring remedies - breathe right strips, wedge pillow to elevate my head, in-nose devices, mouth taping, chin strap. I even had radiofrequency turbinate reduction as I thought might be a contributing cause - I can breathe much better through my nose, but no change in snoring. I still have a mildly deviated septum, but I had that (and bigger turbinates) before starting the Xyrem, and I didn't snore like this before.

My doctor said that other than having surgery to basically put a piece of plastic into my soft palate to keep it from collapsing, his only suggestion was that he had heard of a site online that basically has over the counter CPAP. He said it was unlikely my insurance would cover it as I don't actually have apnea.

I'm willing to give it a try but don't know where to start. I'm sure my doctor will be willing to give me some guidance but given that I don't have apnea, I feel like he may tell me it's just a trial and error process. Has anyone had any experience in using a CPAP for snoring without apnea? Are there any recommendations on the type of machine/mask/pressure to use in these cases? Thank you!!
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Since having started my SA Therapy in Sept. of 2018, my snoring while using my CPAP is non-existent. I used to snore quite badly. Now..........I don't.

That's the upside. I'm still waiting to feel better overall though.............  Eat-popcorn
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
That's really good to know - I'm hoping it helps with my snoring. Luckily, taking Xyrem for my narcolepsy alleviates almost all of my symptoms and I feel pretty normal/okay on a daily basis, but this is why I'm not willing to stop taking it. Unfortunately I know that the Xyrem is what's causing the snoring so it seems CPAP may be my best option. I hope you start to feel better soon!
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
I once asked my sleep doc if he'd prescribe my wife a cpap to stop her snoring. at the time she had no sign of apnea. doc first said no until I told him I was willing to pay out of pocket for it. he turned around & said make an appointment for her. one measure of success in osa treatment is cessation of snoring. why don't we treat snoring with cpap too?
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Welcome to the Apnea Board

I would choose a machine that provides data. My choice of machine would be the same machine I would choose for Obstructive Apnea and that would be the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet or the AutoSet for Her. The keyword there is AutoSet. I would look for a 'lightly used' machine from a smoke free environment (no smokers in the house) from one of the suppliers on our suppliers list which often offer a warranty (look in the black banner above) or a sale site such as craigslist which has no warranty. Get a prescription because in the US selling a Class 2 Medical device such as a CPAP requires th buyer to have a prescription.
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Adding more to Bonjour's recommendation..

The AutoSet algorithm adjusts pressure automatically if it detects any of the following:
1) Obstructive Apneas
2) Flow Limitation changes
3) Snoring changes

It's the third aspect that makes it a machine that should work for you.
It will be interesting to hear your results.

If getting a prescription becomes an issue then many people on craigslist will sell a machine without a prescription.
Whether they should or not is another matter.

Find out the number of "run hours" if you are buying a used machine. This measures the TOTAL usage since new and not just the "recent usage" on the main screen.
To find out the "run hours" you would need to access a secret menu on the machine as described in this video:

Finally, the older S9 series of ResMed machines will also work identically to the ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset & AutoSet for her machines
So any of the following 4 models should work for you. The older S9 versions are often cheaper on Craigslist but just as good. I actually prefer the older design.

10 Series..
ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her
S9 Series...
ResMed S9 AutoSet
ResMed S9 AutoSet for Her

To find out the "run hours" on the older S9 models use this video instead of the earlier one (which was for the 10 series)
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Thank you! That's very helpful - I'll look into getting that machine. I can probably get a prescription from my sleep doctor as he did suggest it. How do you know what kind of mask to use/is best for you? Should I just get like, a couple different ones to try, or is there one that's usually recommended to start with?
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Finding the right mask can be a hit & miss journey. Myself, I use a full face mask. Specifically, the ResMed AirFit F20. I also use an F30, which is kind of a hybrid I suppose. 

No one mask will serve all properly. I can't breathe via my nose. So, it's a FFM for me. The above two masks are the only ones I've tried. 

Some DME suppliers have a use and try policy to some degree(s). Not all that familiar with them though. Others will be along soon and will fill in some of the blanks for you.
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RE: CPAP for snoring without apnea
Read the Mask Primer linked in my signature.
Snoring occurs during expiratory mouth breathing. Normal breathing is through the nose. Frequently when breathing the lightly pressurized air from a CPAP nasal or nasal pillow mask the oral breathing passage closes off and snoring is eliminated. Many here use the ResMed P10 pillow mask, it is the quietest, least intrusive mask out there and has few leak problems because it is small. Get a fit kit if you choose this with multiple sizes of cushions.

Mask fit and use is actually the hardest part of therapy as each of us is different. Masks have to be tried under pressure and lying down in sleeping position.
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