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Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
Long story short - I have had 2 sleep studies done in the past - one where it was in the 'comfort' of my own bed, the other in a sleep study clinic. Both these studies showed that I had mild sleep apnea whilst lying on my back, but NO apnea events whilst sleeping on my side (my preferred sleeping position)

I was told to use a machine after the first study, and used it until I had my second study. When that confirmed that I had no events lying on my side, I decided to 'retire' my use of the machine.

Over the last 12 months however, my wife has become somewhat frustrated by constant snoring, and listening to my breathing occasionaly stop for 30 seconds, before starting again. All whilst lying on my side.

So I guess I'm asking whether the sleep study results could be wrong? Could it be as a result of having a good night on the nights of the sleep studies? Should I (reluctantly) start using my machine again?

Any advice or thoughts appreciated.
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RE: Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
I would use the machine again, but also have SD card, and use Oscar to see enough to prove you have obstructive apnea.

It you set your pressure to 5 minimum, and 6 maximum, you'll see what almost untreated does, and what your score is.

Note, your machine is also being recalled.

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RE: Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
Let's see, you were in a strange bed, a different pillow, in a strange room, wired, patched and belted, videoed, and a stranger was watching you all night.  Perfectly normal right?  Of course not.  One thing that is never noted, very, very few doctors will recomgnize is the simple process of chin tucking.  You can do this in any position but on your side it is more natural to do so and that can cause very significant apnea, but only when it occurs.  Is this your problem, maybe. I have no evidence to prove it.  But taking both you and yourwife's accounts into consideration, you don't have a problem per your perception then an occasional, or more than an occasional problem comes up.

I am certain the you have a mild OSA at best.  Is it bad enough to be treated?  I honestly don't know. By your wife's account yes.  Mild apnea can be as simple as you getting an elbow in the ribs, every 4 minutes on average, ALL NIGHT LONG.

On using your specific machine --- Absolutely NOT, it is under two different Class 1 (worst class) Recalls.  One for off-gassing carcenogenic compounds, the other for shedding foam particles that can get into your lungs.

Basicly the recall covers EVERY CPAP that Philips has built or sold in the past 15 years, excluding the DS2 that was "coincidentily" the day after the recall was announced.
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RE: Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
Couple thoughts. Do you feel rested when you wake up in the morning, like you slept well? If so, why use a machine? 
For me, every night is different, there seems to be no single 1 thing that makes the difference. There are other things
that can effect quality of sleep for me, like room temperature ,to warm or to chilly, what I ate and how much before 
sleeping, some nights I can't seem to get the mask to stay in the right position, if I have lower back pain that wakes me up.
If I had an elbow to my side, that would freak me out beings I sleep alone. Do you remember the wild crazy dreams you had? 

I mean, if you feel rested and slept well, then maybe a radical solution is to sleep in another bed, without it being a problem for
you or your wife.
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RE: Can a Sleep Study be incorrect?
Yes they test can be wrong and in my case it worked out in my favor.  I had
a test that said I needed a Bipap set for 24 inhale 20 exhale.  This qualified
me for a new Bipap to replace my 4 year old Dreamstation Auto.  Well while
waiting on the new Resmed Bipap I used an old Resmed S8 apap and did fine
with it set to 8 to 16  and got an AHI of 5 with a 95% presure of 13.8  .  So as 
soon as I got my new Bipap set for that insane 24 inhale and 20 exhale my Dr.
lowered the settings act as an auto Bipap and my average AHI now is 1.67  and 
95% pressure of only 14.2 .
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