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Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
I picked up my ResMed10 the other day, and had the "mask fitting."  I put it in quotes because there wasn't much in the way of fitting.  The tech took a picture of my face and used a program to recommend masks/sizes.  She brought out 4 options, a nasal mask, nasal pillows, and two full face masks.  I would like to eventually use nasal pillows but I've been advised to start out with a full mask.  I chose the smaller, and she put away the others.  I'd gotten the impression that I would be able to try several masks but apparently not.

She told me how to put it on.  It dug into my face, she told me to loosen the straps.  Basically showed me how to work the machine.

I was too tired to deal with it that night and last night, so today I've been trying to use it.  First, I found out how to disassemble everything so I could wash the accessories (she told me to wash everything before using it). 

I do have a specific question.  I have the F&P Evora full mask.  The package comes with 3 seals; she told me that they were 3 different sizes.  the middle size was recommended.  I washed everything, and now I can't tell which is which.  They all look the same.  I've even tried measuring different parts and get the same measurements.  Does anyone know whether these come with 3 different sizes or 3 of one size?

the tech told me that I should use the middle size (sm-med).  I used the measuring guide that came wiht the mask, and that indicated the middle size as well.

Thank you.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
I read the description on the website and the mask comes with all 3 cushion sizes.  But I can't see any differences.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
Never mind! I looked around on a supplier website for the information, saw a chat and used it. The sizes are marked on the silicon seals, so that problem at least is solved.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
Glad that problem is solved, at least for the moment. Since the DME rep doesn't seem to have been very forthcoming....What you could do is to hook everything up, put the mask on, turn the machine on, and read in bed or browse the net for an hour or two. Be sure you don't use the machine without distilled water from the supermarket in the humidifier tank (you can make a different decision about this later on, but for now, go with bottled distilled water.) This is just to get you used to how it all goes together.

If the mask hisses, it's leaking. If it farts, it's really leaking. Tightening the jaw straps is not always the answer: strangely the mask may leak if the straps are too tight.

Round up an SD card (there might be one in the machine) and a card reader. Insert the card in the machine.

Then, if it more or less works out during your daytime trial, you'll be ready to sleep with the unit. And you'll get a report, which will get you feedback here.

There's a lot of trial and error in this even for folks with helpful DME's. And getting the right mask can be a PROCESS.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
Thank you for the information!  I was hoping to wear the mask with the machine on this evening, while awake, but after a couple of hours of dealing with it I hit my frustration limit.  When I finally had the mask on in a way that seemed appropriate, I hooked up the machine.  Nothing seemed to happen; then I found a "mask fit" or "mask check" function (can't remember which), which blew out a lot of air, and I failed no matter what I did.  Even if I pushed the mask into my face, that red frowning face would be there. 

I'm also unhappy because even when worn for a short time, the mask leaves dents and red marks all over my face.

I'm thinking of calling the DME tomorrow and asking for a nasal mask or nasal pillows.  I'm pretty sure that I don't breathe through my mouth, so maybe one of those would work better.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
Oh, and there is an SD card.  I asked the DME tech about it and she put one in.  I plan to download Oscar soon.  There's a lot going on for me right now so I have limited time and energy, hoping next weekend and next week will be better. And I'm hoping that the insurance company doesn't use the first 30 days for the compliance check!
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
The evora is a good mask with a lot of faithful followers here on the forum, Now I will go on to say I have been through several nasal, pillow,wisp, full face, and hybrid mask. Every single one of them were a very good mask, until they no longer satisfied my needs. Weight loss, weight gain, medical issues, skin sensitivity to the materials of construction. There are a lot of reasons a good mask goes bad.  Usually not the fault of the mask.

 The Evora should "float" on the inflated skirts like a Hovercraft crossing the beach. It took me a while to get my Evora to fit leak free. Reading the MASK PRIMER, and especially that information from Jeffy1958. He put together all the information I learned previous to his post on that page, and put it in practical application that made it easy to follow.


Once you get the Evora headgear straps adjusted for a leak free fit, mark where the end of the straps are on the headgear. As the elastic stretches out you will need to adjust them ever so slightly, never tight.

When I get a new headgear, I use the marks on the old head gear to get my initial settings, compensating for stretch of course, and hope that you get adjusted leak free rather quickly.

Stay in touch, the forum members will guide you through this adventure you are about to partake of.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
You'll be ok on compliance. You typically have 90 days to get a passing grade. You need a minimum 4 hours per night for 22 of 30 days within that 90. The 4 hour per night is total not 4 consecutive hours.

You don't have to use full face if you choose not to. Your doctor and DME RT can suggest, but not order you to use a certain mask type. It's your therapy and your choice.

Fisher and Paykel masks do like being loose adjustments typically.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
HalfAsleep, I did notice your point that making the mask too tight might make it leak.  I'd been assuming that if I pushed it into my face, there would be no leaks, so was frustrated when the mask test kept failing.

UnicornRider, Thank you for all the information!  I will use your tips, and look up that post you mentioned. I am so grateful for everyone on this forum. 

SarcasticDave, I am planning to request a different mask.  I hope that the DME doesn't balk, and I hope that I don't need too many.  I may have to pay for some out of pocket, which will be fine.
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RE: Confused and frustrated - question about F&P Evora
You haven't listed your pressure with your avatar. A super lackadaisical DME rep might have forgotten to set these, made a mess, or just sent you home with the default.

Your mask may be leaking because the pressure is, indeed, blasting at you.

Yes, request a different mask. I believe the DME is required to give you a different one.

Also, some insurance companies have the 90 day compliance period, but they don't count the first 30 days (presumably to give you time to get used to it). Medicare is that way, so you might want to check your insurance. This would give you plenty of time to make the adjustments you're making now.

Your mask sounds like it's too tight. You can also get Pad-a-Cheeks to prevent the marks. I don't use a mask without them!

Skip MASK FIT. IIRC it runs at high pressure that happens when you’re sleeping. Many people can’t tolerate high pressures when they’re awake. And the homework we’ve given you of sitting in bed and reading wouldn’t most of the time involve high pressure. It would involve just enough to keep you comfortable inhaling and exhaling (a nasal mask works better for this exercise, ‘cos you can just open your mouth and take a few breaths if you’re uncomfortable).

This process is trial and error for everyone. At some point, I would recommend ignoring every thought that you’re “doing it wrong” and just plunging right in. This stuff tends to sort itself out little by little. Definitely not week one!
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