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Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
I have a fairly small master bedroom. I can't have a night stand because my edge of the bed is adjacent to the bedroom closet door. I use the window ledge, on the other side of and perpendicular to the closet door, as a night stand equivalent. Using the machine while on the window ledge was a disaster; doing so meant I didn't have much hose to spare, and the first night, I pulled the machine off the window ledge and onto the floor! Since then, I've been using a small folding step stool, tying the hose over the top safety rail of the step stool so I don't have a water trap below the machine, and tucking the middle of the hose behind my pillow. This does (barely) keep the machine below my head, and the top bend of the hose above my head. Each morning, I untie the hose, move the machine to the window ledge, and move the step stool out of the room so we can access the closet.

User StratCat48 responded to a different thread of mine with a picture of a hose hook above his headboard. I love that idea! Right now, rolling over means a bunch of moving and tucking of the hose, and I'm trying to optimize my sleeping environment so I can roll over while doing as little thinking (hence waking up more) as possible. But I don't have a headboard to attach a hose. My bed is just a box spring and a mattress on a frame.

And the obvious solution, sleeping on the other side of the bed, isn't an option. Neither my spouse nor I like it, and I think in the near future we're going to become a 2 CPAP household....

I imagine some other board members may be in similar situations, and I'm interested in what you all are doing. While I'm happy to buy off the shelf stuff, I also happen to be pretty handy and I have access to a makerspace with all sorts of wood and metalworking tools, so I may be able to fabricate something.
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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
Are you wanting to find some kind of support for your CPAP machine or a way to hang and support your hose..or both?

Are you able to mount a hook and / or shelf to the wall?

The most convenient hose hook device I found is a collapsible support that fits between mattress and box spring and supports the hose . The one I bought, actually came with an extra hose support that mounts to the wall that can be used to dry the hose or as a bedtime support.

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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
I’m looking for both a hose hook and a support option for the machine that’s better than moving a bulky step ladder.

I’d consider mounting things to the wall, but would rather avoid it if there’s another solution that works as well.

That hose hook looks great.

A CPAP shelf on the wall is interesting… but the bed is next to the closet door, so that shelf sounds like it would be right above my head. Unless it were really high, I’m afraid I’d probably hit my head on it when sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. And I thought it was better to keep your machine below head level anyway. In that case, there isn’t the wall space to the side of my bed.
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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
When horizontal space is limited, try to make the best use of vertical space. Perhaps you can mount some sort of shelves, cabinets above your bed. If that is not an option perhaps a mobile CPAP station with attached hose hook would work. On the website thats name starts with the letter "A", a search for "Convenient CPAP Hose Holder with Storage Shelf and Rolling Casters for Easy Access and Mobility, Easy Storage for CPAP Accessories and Prevent Tangling of CPAP Hoses" will bring up a just such a cart that may have a similar footprint to the step stool you currently use. I have zero experience or association with such, I'm just offering it as a potential starting point for a solution.

I hope this helps.
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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
Recently on Etsy I saw some CPAP shelves for sale, if that would help.
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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
Ideally, your CPAP's top should be even with, to a little below, the mattress top. The hose should then be routed up above your head, then back down to your head. This helps prevent any rainout caused by over humidification. Also, avoid placing it on the floor. The first 18 inches (46 cm) is the dirtiest air in your house. You will be replacing filters weekly.

If space is limited, you might consider taking a piece of plywood, long enough to extend under your mattress at least 3 times the shelf width. It will need to be wider and longer than the CPAP. You could place some edging on the protruding portion to reduce the possibility of knocking it off, too.

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RE: Creative solutions if you don't have a night stand?
Just me, but this has worked for me since beginning with CPAP in 2004.
I keep my unit on the floor, but have not observed any “dirty” filters problems. (I change filters approximately every 2-3 months, but old filter is just barely discolored).

I do not use any overhead hanger for hose. (Tried it once but it was more trouble than helpful).

As I prefer to sleep in a cool (wife says cold) room, rainout was a problem until I used a hose cosy, even then it wasn’t a complete solution. Nowadays I use a heated hose (barely warm) and haven’t had any rainout problems at all.
But as I said at the outset…….
This works for me YMMV.
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